Why C2E2 Guest Jon Bernthal is a Great Punisher


Frank “The Punisher” Castle

The wait is almost over for the very first live action TV show adaption of the Punisher! At its helm we have Jon Bernthal playing Frank Castle aka the Punisher. We were first introduced to him on Netflix in Marvel’s Daredevil season two as an opposition to Matt Murdock /Daredevil. In my opinion, Jon stole every scene in which he appeared. Now if you haven’t watched Daredevil, then you really don’t know to what I am referring. So let’s look at some of Jon’s credentials.

Shane from The Walking Dead

He has been in the The Walking Dead, Fury, Wolf on Wall Street, The Accountant, Mob City, and Sicario. Probably his most recognized one out of that list is the The Walking Dead.  Jon played Shane, a character who was cold, vindictive, calculating, and yet caring at the same time. All of these attributes are almost identical to Frank Castle’s character.  Not only does he play these attributes well but he looks so identical to the Punisher, it looks like you ripped a page from one of the comic books and then brought it to life. I believe that he will crush the part just as he has before!

You can meet Jon Bernthal at the next C2E2 event in April!

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