PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: ‘WRETCHES’ #1 by James E. Roche

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PopCultHQ received a preview copy of WRETCHES #1. The creative team for this new successfully crowdfunded series features writing from James E. Roche, artist Salomon Farias, colorist Chunlin Zhao, and lettering by Jamie Me.

wretches-1-coverSynopsis for WRETCHES #1:

Writer:  James E. Roche
Artist: Salomon Farias
 Chunlin Zhao
Letterer: Jamie Me

Brother and sister duo, Shea and Sean, have spent their youth struggling to survive, alone in an alien city, far from the now lifeless planet they’d once called home. Now, all grown up, they make their way by capturing other beings for the promise of reward – specializing in hunting the robots they’d once shared their home planet with.

Still suffering emotionally from the loss of everything they’d ever known and loved, Shea and Sean have nothing else in the universe but each other. Once one of them is kidnapped, the other will tear the entire galaxy apart until they are finally reunited.

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:

Like. A. Boss. Let me begin this review simply with this…

This is the the sci-fi story I’ve been waiting for and I am thrilled it is here!

w2I’m a sci-fi fan and have been for most, if not all, of my life. I grew up with the original Star Wars and am a huge fan of Star Trek (tv and film), both Battlestar Galactica series, Firefly, Kubrick films, and so on. So I’m always keeping my eye open, searching for the next great sci-fi epic. It can be a difficult genre to work in as it is really hard (in any medium) to become so loved by its audience, that it makes an impact on a culture, a generation. WRETCHES has all the makings of being the next big thing in science fiction.

I don’t want my choice of words here to minimize what I’m trying to express, but WRETCHES is “Good Sci-Fi.” If this were adapted into an animated or live-action tv series for the SyFy network, this could be on par with the Battlestar Galactica reimagined series as becoming an instant science fiction cult classic. Just sayin’.

When all that you have is one another, nothing else matters.

w3Writer James E. Roche has a true gift in his layout and delivery. His story is captivating, the characters are engaging, and his narrative is on point.

You instantly get a sense of Sean and Shea’s close relationship. Taking jabs at each other as siblings do, but you can also see how much they depend, and rely on, one another. Live together, die alone? What impressed me was how in only a handful of panels, Roche was able to get me to instantly like the protagonists and feel a sense of being able to relate with their relationship with one another. Evoke feelings in me like that?

w4The pace of this issue and the action found within had me, on two occasions, literally blurt out, “Damn!“. That is a quite uncommon exclamation from me, so well done team!

The artwork, as I briefly touched on earlier, grabs the hell out of you. You will love the look and feel of this issue visually and you’ll find its packed with stunning panels worthy of Facebook cover photos of social media profile pics (you may want to ask, however 😉 ). Artist Salomon Farias makes an impact with his illustrations. They’re bold, powerful, striking, and visually exciting. Colorist Chunlin Zhao kills it in WRETCHES with her depiction of this harsh environment and the survivalist nature of the story. As far as lettering, everything looked sharp from Jamie Me, which I’ve actually come to expect.

w5PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

Top to bottom, front to back, this premiere issue is flawless. Upon seeing the very first interior page and instantly getting hit with stunning artwork, I knew I could be looking at gold. I was right. This is sci-fi at its best!

I anxiously look forward to seeing where writer Roche is taking us. With its Blade Runner meets The Road Warrior with a helping of Surrogates feel, this series has the potential to lead the charge in a new era of the sci-fi genre for comic books. For me, this was the sci-fi story I didn’t realize I was searching for and I’m ecstatic I’ve found it!


PopCultHQ’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


Wretches #2
Wretches #2

Check out James E. Roche’s
Kickstarter campaign for WRETCHES #2.


After being taken by a group of Bots during an ambush, Sean finds himself in an awful position. Beaten and tortured, he waits for his one chance to escape. And Shea, having no clue if her brother is even alive, is going to do whatever it takes to track him down, before it’s too late. 

There’s a ton of preview art for you to see and the rewards are great at every pledge tier.

Just under 7 days left (ends Fri, Dec 9 2016 4:09 AM PST)
so give it a look and back this incredible series and pick up both issues of this 5-part series!

Be sure to follow the creative team of WRETCHES!


Writer: James E. Roche





Artist – Salomon Farias



cl-zhaoColorist – Chunlin Zhao




Letterer – Jamie Me






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