Escape to C2E2 this April – Tickets on Sale Now!

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The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as C2E2, is happening on April 21st-23rd at McCormick Place and any comic fans near Chicago (and even those that are not close) are already getting excited about this amazing comic experience.  While everyone knows that at C2E2 you get a chance to browse amazing merchandise, take part in some awesome Cosplay, attend panels and even meet some of your favorite actors and writers, few talk about the real reason so many of us flock to this amazing event.

So far, 2017’s celebrity list includes:

With more to be announced, it’s gearing up to be a great guest list!

The reason we love C2E2 is the same as why we love comics and comic book heroes… they give us a chance to escape our mundane lives and live vicariously through our favorite characters. Many of us literally transform into these characters for the day; getting to be more than what we are in our normal lives.

C2E2 Photoshoots (4) (600x484)Events like this give me the chance to be more. More than just a mom, a wife, and a business owner.  It gives me a chance to immerse myself in a world of make-believe where I can be a super hero (and superhero) with the power to save the world.  I get a chance to see my kids, themselves, plunge deep into this world that teaches such great life lessons like truth, justice and the American way (I know it’s corny but I couldn’t resist).  In this world, there are no bills, no work drama, no strife (except the ones between heroes and villains). C2E2 Photoshoots (16) - Copy (600x460)

Even more importantly, we have a chance to be among a group of our peers where we are certain to be automatically accepted and don’t have to worry about flying our “freak flag.”  It is a small price to pay, and worth every cent, to feel that sense of belonging and escape from the worries of everyday life.  Of all the ways to “escape” this is one of the few that will not break the bank (buy your tickets early for a discount) and leave you feeling better than before your “escape.”  So fellow freaks-the time is now to get your tickets, start planning your costumes and plan your escape to C2E2 2017!

By: Melissa Anderson

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