Serious TV Drama Podcast 146: Supergirl 2×6 | Flash 3×6 | Arrow 5×7 | Legends 2×6


This week, we once again have four shows to cover on the STVD podcast. Our respective heroes encountered an alien parasite, Shade, a gang of bank robbers, and a outlaw from the Old West bent on forming his own country. Two new vigilantes made their presence known in the form of the Guardian and Vigilante, and Jonah Hex made an appearance again.×6-flash-3×6-arrow-5×7-legends-2×6/

The STVD All-Star Squad alternates between tossing compliments and throwing shade at the latest episodes of SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, ARROW, and DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.
* Segment Breakdown
* 0:00:00 – 0:02:54  Intro
* 0:02:55 – 0:31:20  SUPERGIRL (“Changing”)
* 0:31:21 – 0:59:45  THE FLASH (“Shade”)
* 0:59:46 – 1:22:14  ARROW (“Vigilante”)
* 1:22:15 – 1:24:30  A Little Leap
* 1:24:31 – 1:45:34  LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (“Outlaw Country”)
* 1:45:35 – 1:51:52  Wrapping it All Up
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What show was your favorite of the week and how would you rate each episode? Were you glad to see Jonah Hex again? Did you have a favorite moment from each show?


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