Last Night on CONAN (11/14): Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Early, The Head and the Heart

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Monday, November 14th, Conan had actor/rapper Lin-Manuel Miranda, comedian John Early, and musical guest The Head and the Heart. Plus, a special edition of Clueless Gamer has Conan facing off against Elijah Wood in “Final Fantasy XV“.

Clueless Gamer: “Final Fantasy XV” With Elijah Wood: Elijah & Conan explore the world of Eos, a very boring world that is like Middle Earth “Entourage.”

CONAN Monologue 11/14/16: Conan jokes about Donald Trump, Chernobyl, the Super Moon, and more…

Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Teach Your White Kids To Rap: Plus, Lin-Manuel has been pitched to take on every historical figure possible—except Millard Fillmore.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Got Busted By The NYPD: It’s not as bad-ass as it seems, Lin-Manuel got fined for busking on the subway with his doo-wop group.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: New York Keeps Me Humble: Woman on the street: You’re famous! Man on the street: No, you’re not!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Freaked Out Meeting Weird Al: Weird Al is such a big inspiration for Lin-Manuel that Lin had NO chill around him.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Channeled Ja Rule In “Hamilton”: Lin-Manuel was thinking of Ja Rule and Ashanti when he wrote “Helpless,” and now they’re performing on the “Hamilton” mixtape.

How Lin-Manuel Miranda Got The Rock To Sing: Lin-Manuel studied tapes of the Rock’s heel turn in the WWE to find his perfect musical range.

John Early’s Iconic Britney Impression: John really drills down and captures the essence of Brit-Brit’s “Lucky” as few others can.

John Early Put On “The Brady Bunch” Skits As A Child: Like most gay kids, John found escape and solace through wigs.

The Head and the Heart “All We Ever Knew” 11/14/16: The Head and the Heart perform a track from their album Signs of Light.

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