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Get Your Own Customized Gears of War 4 Lancer by PDP

by April Carvelli
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If you are fan of Gears of War 4, then you are going to love this prop replica Customized Lancer by PDP. It looks like it was pulled straight from your screen.
This is a 1:1 replica that has been molded to look as close to the game as possible. The only way they could do better is if it actually fired. At just over 10 lbs it even feels real. Just to give it the truly authentic feel, it is equipped with an adjustable sight, removable and functional tac light, and activating the safety switch turns on the LED lights which emit the iconic electric blue glow that any Gears of War fan has come to know. The finishing touch is that the equipped chainsaw bayonet looks like it has already been well used in battle.

This officially licensed replica is a great Christmas gift for the gamer on your list. It is available later this month for $149.99, so get your order in now.

  • Officially licensed by Microsoft
  • Hand finished and painted ‘Gears of War 4’ 1:1 prop replica
  • Adjustable sight, levers, triggers and switches
  • Includes removable and functional flashlight
  • Illuminated LED lights
  • Dimensions:  41.7″L  x  5.1W  x  13″H, weighs 10.5 lbs.

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