Netflix on Wax: Marvel’s Streaming Superheroes Getting the Vinyl Treatment

Are you ready for 12″ of Luke Cage? The rise of popularity of Netflix original programming of Marvel properties has never been higher which often translates into collectibles and merchandise for fans. Now you can hear and feel the sounds of Hell’s Kitchen and Harlem thanks to new vinyl soundtracks for each series.

Mondo, a site known for their posters, music, collectibles and apparel of various pop culture phenomena, is publishing vinyl releases for Daredevil and Jessica Jones. just as they did recently for their pre-orders of Luke Cage.

These are some pretty sick offerings! The cover art on each is done beautifully by artist Matthew Woodson. Each album features the titular hero on the cover, the main antagonist of each series within the gatefold of the cover, and each has its own uniquely-colored vinyl suited for each character: Daredevil‘s soundtrack receiving the red vinyl treatment like his costume, a purple release for Jessica Jones signifying her primary for Kilgrave (aka The Purple Man), and a gold edition reminiscent of Luke Cage‘s signature look from the comics.

Manager for Mondo’s record label, Mo Shafeek, shared his excitement via an official press release:

“It’s extremely exciting to see each character come to life and with each new soundtrack it feels like we are building something bigger along the way, just like the characters in the shows are coming together for a larger purpose.”



Marvel’s Daredevil: Season One – Original Soundtrack LP
Music by John Paesano
Artwork by Matthew Woodson
Pressed on 180 Gram Red Vinyl
Available for the first time in any physical format
Limited to 3000 Copies

John Paesano’s score for Marvel’s Daredevil Season One had the task of setting the tone for the Netflix Original Series. Right from the opening credits Paesano creates a powerful sense of urgency and an undercurrent of darkness, crafting some of the most kinetic musical sequences in the Marvel Universe including the bombastic tracks “Hallway Fight” and “Stick.”


z2Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season One – Original Soundtrack 2XLP

Music by Sean Callery
Artwork by Matthew Woodson
Pressed on 180 Gram Purple Vinyl
Available for the first time in any physical format
2016 Creative Arts Emmy® Winner for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music
Limited to 3000 Copies

Sean Callery’s (Homeland, Bones, 24) score for Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season One took the tonal shift from gritty ground level action to noir. Everything you need to know can be found in “Jessica Jones Main Title” (2016 Emmy® Award winner for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music) with its mix of late night, street corner Jazz consumed by pulsating rhythms and a wailing guitar that creates a musical dichotomy thematically appropriate to the narrative of our titular hero.


z5Marvel’s Luke: Season One – Original Soundtrack 2XLP (PRE-ORDER)

Music by Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Artwork by Matthew Woodson
Pressed on 180 Gram Yellow Vinyl
Available for the first time in any physical format
Limited to 3000 Copies

z7Mondo is excited to unveil the soundtrack for Marvel’s Luke Cage, the Netflix original series, with collectible artwork of the bulletproof hero by Matthew Woodson. Composers Adrian Younge (Something About April) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) have combined forces to produce one of the best scores of 2016 featuring an inspired, genre-bending blend of orchestral score and 90’s hip-hop beats, filtered through the sonic lens of the works of Ennio Morricone.

It’s no surprise that the score hovers in the same terrain of the Spaghetti Westerns soundtracks of Morricone – the narrative of Luke Cage plays out like a modern Western, only set in Harlem. Muhammad and Younge have meticulously crafted one of the most unique sonic landscapes in the history of television.


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