Last Night on CONAN (11/9): Bill Burr, Ben Zobrist, FIDLAR

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Wednesday, November 9th, Conan had comedian Bill Burr, World Series Champion Chicago Cub second baseman Ben Zobrist, and musical guest Fidlar.

Conan On The 2016 Election Results: Conan invokes the great political thinkers while trying to make sense of the 2016 presidential election.

CONAN Monologue 11/09/16: Conan jokes about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and more…

Worried About President Trump? Move North…To California!: You don’t need a passport, there’s legal weed, and plenty of chances to practice your Spanish.

Enjoy Tony The Cameraman’s Sexy Dinosaur Drawings: What better way to let America come together than by a picture of a stegosaurus in a thong?

Bill Burr: Nothing Will Change With Trump As President: Bill is also pretty sure that Trump isn’t really gonna build a wall, no matter what he says.

Bill Burr Thinks Candidates Are Hurt By Celebrity Endorsements: Who cares what a guy who played a shogun in a movie thinks about politics, says Bill?

Bill Burr: Canada Is Not Some Post-Racial Paradise: Plus, Bill reveals that white people have trouble seeing racism unless it directly affects them.

Bill Burr Is A Contrarian Sports Fan: Bill takes on smack-talking Cubs fans, smack-talking Indians fans, & too much pink in the NFL.

Ben Zobrist On His Incredible World Series-Winning Double: Ben was so in the zone that he can’t remember anything between hitting the ball and taking second base.

Ben Zobrist Rode His Bike In Uniform To Wrigley Field: Ben wanted to recreate the feeling of being a kid and riding to the sandlot with his glove on the handles.

FIDLAR “West Coast” 11/09/16: FIDLAR performs a track from their album “Too.”

Tomorrow: John Cleese and Eric Idle, Issa Rae, Full Spectrum.

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