PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: ‘Rough Riders’ #7 from AfterShock Comics

PopCultHQ received a preview copy of Rough Riders #7  from AfterShock Comics. In stores November 2nd, the creative team for this series features writing from Adam Glass, artist Pat Olliffe, colorist Gabe Eltaeb, and lettered by Sal Cipriano.

Here is a look at the synopsis for Rough Riders #7

rr7Rough Riders #7

What a long, strange trip it’s been for Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders as they close this chapter of their journey and save the world from a threat like it has never seen before. But there is a price to pay and people back home to hold responsible.
Blood is spilled and the Rough Riders will never be the same again because of it. Who will survive? Who will die? And who will live to tell this story?

cccPopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:
Rough Riders #7

Annie are you okay? Annie are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? You’ve been hit by…you’ve been struck by…a smooth criminal.

uuuIf you haven’t given Rough Riders a look, you’re truly missing out. Now seven issues in, the pace, excitement, and compelling story found within continues to grow with no signs of slowing down.

Between the intense action sequence, the shocking event, and the curiously exciting epilogue, it’s really hard to discuss much about the issue without giving away spoilers. Just know that if you’ve read even one issue of this series, the action, adventure, excitement, and pace is moving more swift than Houdini’s tossed playing cards.

dddSomething writer Adam Glass has done masterfully is given each of these unique individuals remarkable personas and characteristics that you cannot help but enjoy. As each one speaks, you can easily imagine their voices in your head. The tough-as-nails Annie and her Southern drawl. Teddy’s gruff but commanding presence. They are engaging, fun to follow, and either make you feel like a Rider yourself, or wish you were one! The entire reading of this issue I could envision a live-version, or movie screening, in my head which (to me) always gives ANY series substance and increased value. How is that, you may ask? It’s of my belief that when you can take a reader from simply sitting in a room thumbing through the pages to a place where it instills vivid imagery in one’s mind and essentially invites them into the story, then you’ve achieved success at engaging the reader. This is what Glass and the team on Rough Riders have done. They’ve brought the “entertainment factor,” where one can get away or escape reality, become submersed in the story, and experience just pure and simple enjoyment. Rough Riders has that in spades.

eeeAnother thing that I have to tip my hat off to Glass is just how he has been able to get me to be excited about historical figures. I’m rooting on Annie Oakley’s overall badassery (?), I smile along as the gents chat at The New York Athletic Club, and Teddy Roosevelt has more meaning to me than any American History class ever produced.

There’s an amazing synergy between Glass and artists Olliffe and Eltaeb which comes out from the opening of the cover to the close of the book. Their combined efforts have produced a blend of fun, quirky, relatable characters, a look reminiscent of the eras and time periods the crew is from and to which they travel, and an overall refreshing tale that you’d be thrilled to ride along.

oooThe artwork found in Rough Riders truly compliments, if not increases, the depth of the characters. That’s all a credit to the wise pairing of Olliffe and Eltaeb, who continue to make this environment alive and breathing. The duo have been solid in delivering the goods artistically throughout the entire series.

Pat Olliffe’s illustrations are detailed, sharp, and, at times, quite meticulous but it’s worth it as these iconic figures are remarkably defined and become the new faces of these well-known people through time. The last panel of this issue is one of the stronger “end scenes,” if you will, that I’ve seen in some time. It’s striking, it grabs you, and is a beautiful way to leave one hanging until the next issue rolls out.

Gabe Eltaeb beautifully captures the feel of the environment, as well as the title as a whole, with his choices of colors. I have to point out that Annie’s blaster just looks sick in its visual effects! Eltaeb is very proficient in Rough Riders at giving a softer, more subdued look which accentuates both Olliffe’s illustrations and Glass’ writing. Even as intense as Annie’s blaster fires, it’s bold without being overpowering. Simply marvelous work!

fffI’ve always drawn a major comparison between letterers and editors. When you’re good at what you do, no one really notices. But when something is off, that’s when they tend to get mentioned. Sal Cipriano is an ace at what he does and the best way I can explain it, is this: If you can go from cover to cover and the lettering never comes into your mind (say, where it distracts or detracts from the panel and it’s enough to make you pause and take notice), then you’re already experienced at lettering to some degree. Cipriano, however, has a keen eye for layout (placement, dialog bubbles, captions, etc.) that honors the artists’ work and contributes to the flow of the story. Kudos Sal!

With so much potential in a story like this and a cast of which you want to see more, Rough Riders screams of wildly entertaining possibilities, from an event miniseries to solo spinoffs, one-shots, heck, an animated series of this would be dope!

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

This series belongs in every collection. The art will draw you in, the story will keep you engaged, and the overall package will make you a tried and true fan!

PopCultHQ’s Rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars

PCHQ 4.5

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Collecting the first seven issues of the epic AfterShock series! At the cusp of the 1898 World’s Fair, America is poised to become Earth’s most industrious nation. When a terrible power emerges from the darkness, a group of unlikely heroes team-up to stop it. A tortured Teddy Roosevelt recruits a struggling Coney Island magician named Harry Houdini…a hard-drinking, gun-slinging Annie Oakley; a financially strapped and aging Thomas Edison; and a boisterous, womanizing African American boxer with a big chip on his shoulder named Jack Johnson. These legends of old will soon wage a shadow war that will change the course of history for America, and ultimately, the world. That is, of course, if they don’t kill one another first.

Don’t miss out on this first collection from ADAM GLASS (executive producer of Supernatural & writer of Suicide Squad) and PAT OLLIFFE (Untold Tales of Spider-Man). Pre-order now!


Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders
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Don’t forget to order Rough Riders Volume 1 before the end of the month. And as Roosevelt would say: “Bully to you all!

And on November 19th, watch for…


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