‘The Walking Dead’ Review: 7×02 – “The Well” [SPOILERS]

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After last week’s episode, it feels good to get back to what is “normalcy” in The Walking Dead. I was waiting for some Carol scenes and that is exactly what we received this week.

The episode begins with Carol’s hallucinations of walkers, but she sees the humans they once were. Later, she is wheeled in by wheelchair by Morgan to meet King Ezekiel. She laughs and then enters the tiger, Shiva. She knows that this is a charade and is just ridiculous.


Then they go hunt feral pigs. The people of the Kingdom lead the pigs to walkers to get the pigs infected. Then it is revealed that these pigs are being offered to Negan’s group “The Saviors.” Genius.

Carol speaks to a member of the Kingdom and talks about lunch cobbler. What is so fantastic about her character is that I never know if she’s off her rocker or she’s pretending to be Suzy Homemaker. It turns out here Carol was pretending so that she could steal some clothes.

Morgan has a talk with another member of the Kingdom who reveals that Ezekiel doesn’t want to fight Negan. Comic fans know that this will lead to an alliance with Rick’s group.


Cut to Carol and Ezekiel. He has a heart-to-heart with Carol. Of course he’s acting. He’s putting on an act. But it’s for the protection for the people. He tells Carol, “Never bullshit a bullshitter.” He saw right through Carol’s act. He then tells Carol about how he came to this role as King.

Carol decides to leave the Kingdom but still stays nearby. She goes to the home where she first saw her hallucinations. Ezekiel comes by to offer a pomegranate and the episode ends.

How do I feel about this? As a huge Carol fan, I’m scared. I think she’s losing her bearings. However, because I’ve read the comics, it almost feels like she’s the Michonne. She’ll possibly be romantically tied to Ezekiel? Or will she follow her role in the comic and {spoiler} commit suicide? If Carol dies, I will lose it. I know I’ve said it before, but she’s grown so much. Dare I say, like Heisenberg. I love to see her evolve. Please, Kirkman and writers, venture out and develop this character!

Still a great episode. After last week, I feel like this is the episode we needed. Rating: B