Last Night on CONAN (10/26): Elijah Wood, Joy Bryant

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Wednesday, October 26th, Conan had actor Elijah Wood (Frodo!) and actress Joy Bryant (Rosewood).

CONAN Monologue 10/26/16: Conan jokes about Hillary Clinton, Eli Manning, Burger King, and more…

Bruce Springsteen’s Rejected “Harry Potter” Song: The Boss wrote a heartfelt tune saluting all the wizards and witches and steelworkers across this great land of ours.

 Tony The Cameraman Knows Zero About New York City: What Tony DOES know is that he loves sponsor integrations — almost as much as he loves the refreshing taste of Pepsi Zero Sugar.

Elijah Wood Is Ready To Fight Daniel Radcliffe: Elijah knows that he looks like Daniel, and that there’s only one way to end it: fisticuffs!

Elijah Wood On The Many Frodos Of Halloween: Elijah is used to people screaming out “FRODO!!!” whenever they see him.

Elijah Wood Is A Secret A-Hole While Driving: In real life, Elijah is very pleasant to be around. But stick him behind a wheel and watch the monster emerge.

Why Does Elijah Wood Button His Shirt’s Top Button?: Please join Conan on his latest investigation about the odd dressing habits of your favorite celebrities.

Joy Bryant Loved Rocking A Glorious Afro: Combined with her pregnancy suit, Joy felt like a human pinball.

Joy Bryant Lost Her Virginity Across From Her Honorary Street Sign In The Bronx: Joy can say that there are two momentous events that happened at 161st And Grand Concourse.

Joy Bryant’s Macho Husband Is A Bro Who Sews: Joy’s husband is a brawny stuntman and former decathlete who can also throw down a mean backstitch.

Tonight, Conan welcomes actor Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and singer Chris Martin.

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