Cosplay Spotlight: Bexxin Cosplay

Today, we focus our cosplay spotlight on Beatrice aka Bexxin Cosplay out of Torino, Italy. When not cosplaying, she studies Tourism at the University of Foreign Languages of Turin.


Her first convention was Torino Comics in 2012, and apparently she hasn’t stopped cosplaying since.
Her first and favorite cosplay was Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

Bexxin: I really love everything about her

You can tell how much work and love she put into recreating this character.

PC: Where did your cosplay name come from?

Bexxin is a nickname that one of my friends gave me when we were little, and so I choose to use it also for my cosplay page!

PC: What was your easiest cosplay?

I think it was Isabel Magnolia from the Shingeki No Kyojin OVA “A Choice With No Regrets”! Made with one of my dad’s old shirts (dyed and a little modified), and a simple pair of brown leggings I previously had. The most expensive part was the wig haha

PC: What was your hardest cosplay?               

Sophie from Tales of Graces! The wig and the gloves+weapons are still in my nightmares

PC: What is your worst cosplay moment?

Hmm…I think two years ago, when i wore Sophie from Tales of Graces at a con. Her costume is composed by a really tight unitard, and since I don’t exactly feel confident about my physique I was always nervous and on the verge of tears. Thus, I decided from that day to only make cosplay that would make me feel comfortable with my body.

PC: What do you consider your best cosplay moment?

I cherish a lot of moments in my cosplay “career”, but the most beautiful one happened last year, when me and a group of friends tried to recreate the Final Fantasy X finale on stage! At the end I shed real tears because i was too moved! The atmosphere, having my friends around me, being “protagonist” in the videogame moment I love the most…it was really priceless.

PC: What is your dream cosplay?               

I have a lot of cosplay dreams! ** But mostly I hope to be able to do Chibiusa in her “Small Lady” dress and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite!

PC: What is your  favorite convention?   

Lucca Comics & Games

PC: If you could go to any convention or event anywhere what would it be?

Absolutely the San Diego Comic Con! One day…when I’ll have a lot of money… *sobs*

PC: Do you make your own cosplays/props?

I try to make them myself, but sometimes (a lot of times, actually haha) the crafting part is too much for my skills, so I decide to commission them!

PC: Who makes your cosplays/props?

Aside from the commissioned ones, my sister helps me a lot, especially with weapons and accessories!

PC: What is your Favorite crafting material?

Foam! Super versatile and cheap!

PC: What is your Favorite bonding agent?

Hot glue is always the answer

PC: What is your most daunting crafting/cosplay project?

For the next con I’m gonna redo some parts of Saber’s armor (which was originally made by another cosplayer), but the chest part seems nearly impossible for my actual skills.

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