Are You a TV Addict? Then PopCultHQ Wants To Hear From You!

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Do you HAVE to catch the latest episode of your favorite show every week? Do you go into withdrawal between seasons? Are you a binge-watcher? Do you ‘Live-Tweet’ about a show while you are watching it? Can you not live without your Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime?PopCultHQ would love to have you as a writer!

You don’t need experience writing, just a love for TV shows. We will give you a forum to write about your favorite shows where thousands will see it and if you are lucky you may even get the attention of your favorite star.

PopCultHQ has articles written by our writers retweeted and reposted by numerous celebrities, most recently from Michael Rooker who we spent time with at a convention late this summer. This may be your chance to be noticed by them as well!

We can’t pay you cash yet (we are working on it), but we can get you into local conventions for free and maybe even line up interviews with the celebrity guests. We will also work alongside you to help you in your article writing, which translates to a stronger resumé for you!

Our brand name has rapidly increased in recognition within the pop culture, comic book, and convention industries since our inception in February of 2015. We have established strong relationships with influential and immediately recognizable individuals, businesses, and organizations with whom we speak on a weekly, if not daily, basis. The pop culture environment has never been as strong, influential, and needed in today’s current climate. This is an opportunity for you to become part of an established media site which seeks to deliver all the best of what pop culture offers today.

Drop us a line and let us know why you think you want to write for by emailing me at