Last Night on CONAN (10/4): Kristen Bell, Evan Peters, Miike Snow

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Tuesday, October 4th, Conan had actress Kristen Bell (Bad Moms), actor Evan Peters (X-Men: Apocalypse), and a musical performance by Miike Snow.

CONAN Monologue 10/04/16: Conan jokes about the Vice Presidential debate, Donald Trump, Tinder, and more…


Smokey Bear Seems A Bit Pervy: Only YOU can prevent forest fires…because you’re so smoking hot!


Tony The Cameraman Is Ready For “The Big One”: There’s a big earthquake on the horizon, but no matter how long, hard and messy it’ll be, Conan is ready to take it.


Apple’s New Product Embraces The Void: Innovation after innovation, Apple has constantly redefined computing and personal electronics. But Apple is never satisfied. And now Apple comes for us all, cloaked in blinding white. Run!


Kristen Bell Is Totally Cool With Dax Shepard’s Wife Swap Plans: Kristen is proud that she’s married to such a free spirit AKA “a big pervert.”


Kristen Bell Accidentally Got An Uber Pool: When Kristen ordered the cheapest Uber option possible, she didn’t realize she’d be sitting cheek-to-cheek with a complete stranger.


Kristen Bell Is Raising Potty-Mouthed Fashion Icons: When they’re not dropping F-bombs, Kristen’s girls are rocking some seriously unique looks.


Evan Peters On Making More “X-Men” Movies: Based on his past roles, it’s a miracle that Evan’s mutant power isn’t getting spanked over a desk.


Evan Peters Accidentally Showed Jessica Lange His Junk: Jessica got more than an eyeful of Evan’s goodies when he didn’t apply his “cock sock” correctly.


Miike Snow “My Trigger” 10/04/16: Miike Snow performs a track from their album iii.


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