Last Night on CONAN: Kunal Nayyar, Phoebe Robinson (9/28)

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Wednesday, September 28th, Conan had actor Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory) and actress/comedian Phoebe Robinson (White Guy Talk Show).

CONAN Monologue 09/28/16: Conan jokes about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and more…


Assemble Your IKEA Baby Today: One in ten Europeans were conceived in IKEA beds, so the Swedish shop is skipping the middleman and are making babies themselves.


Conan To Tom Petty: “F*** You, Tom Petty”: The Basic Cable Band plays classic songs during commercial breaks, but switches to sound-alikes when the cameras are back, so good luck trying to collect royalties, Tom!


What Conan’s Watching: NCIS, Macgyver Edition: Conan’s INFO button gives him the real truth on his favorite shows.


Kunal Nayyar & Conan Compare Mirror Faces: Kunal likes to strike a suave pose when he passes a mirror. Conan just likes to make his hair move.


Kunal Nayyar’s Creepy Dead Tooth: Kunal isn’t sure how his tooth died…perhaps it was MURDER?!?


Kunal Nayyar’s Dead-On Jesse Eisenberg Impression: Kunal & Jesse were in a play together, & sometimes they’d go drinking together. Bring on the hot toddies!


Kunal Nayyar Missed The Presidential Debate Because Of Badminton: While Trump & Clinton were locked in mortal combat, Kunal was batting back a shuttlecock.


Phoebe Robinson’s Life Motto: Stand In Your Truth: Rather than be ashamed, Phoebe is PROUD that she was the only black lady at the U2 concert.


Phoebe Robinson’s Hair Styles Match Her Mood: When Phoebe rocks the afro, she’s channeling Frederick Douglass getting himself a free iPhone 7.


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