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The Arrowverse Returns to the CW October 4th

by April Carvelli
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On October 4th we finally get our beloved Flash back, followed by Arrow on October 5th.

arrow-newSeason 3 also marks a change in the Arrowverse as Supergirl is officially brought into the fold with the first episode airing on October 10th. We had previously been told that because she was on a different network, she would remain in a different universe. Well apparently things change.


The Arrowverse is then rounded out with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on October 13th.

legends-newWhat is going to happen next is hard to tell. At the end of The Flash Season 2, we saw Barry Allen heading to the past to save his mother’s life. You can only imagine the effect that the timeline ripples will have across the entire Arrowverse.

Lets just hope they don’t use the timeline ripple as a J.R. Ewing (showing my age here with a Dallas reference) dream to erase the past.

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