Cosplay Spotlight – Deadpoolicorn

I’m sure we have all seen this Horse’s Ass, err uhmmm…. Unicorn Head walking around the convention floor. Many of us have even posed for photos with him…all the while, watching him warily.
I’ve heard him referred to as a multitude of things, the most common being Horse-Pool and Dead-Horse. I didn’t even know what his name was until I got his card and spoke with him.

Who is this?


This is Deadpoolicorn. The self-described Merc with the Horse’s Mouth. He also described himself as The King of Kill, The Sultan of Shoot, and The Master of Mayhem, but he might also be a little delusional.

I made the mistake a few cons ago of approaching him and asking him questions in the guise of an interview (in reality I was just hitting on him).

According to his bio, his name is Horny Wilson and he was un-surreptitiously (his word, not mine) transported here from the alternate dimension of Earth-6969 where he found himself alone and wandering a world full of people that hated and feared him. Instead of crying about it and being a little bitch, he decided that he would try to win over the populace of our planet by fighting against chaos, injustice and bad grammar by becoming a Merc-for-Hire!

And before you assume the connection with the film, I have to state for the record…I have seen him around looong before the Deadpool movie came out and the whole unicorn scene. So I guess that means that the Unicorn came first. (ha ha, see what I did)

Ryan Reynolds shows some damage as Deadpool in "Deadpool." TM and © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  Not for sale or duplication.
Ryan Reynolds shows some damage as Deadpool in “Deadpool.”
TM and © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  Not for sale or duplication.

In the world we know as life (and Deadpoolicorn rarely visits) he hails from North Carolina and is the founder of the Facebook group NC Cosplay Club.

PopCultHQ – Why Deadpoolicorn?

I know it’s ridiculous, but this is the point of the whole thing. It gets people’s attention, and makes them laugh.


PopCultHQ – I’ve noticed that you’re not always just DeadPoolicorn, you dress him up at times.

It’s sort of become a thing Deadpoolicorn has become the cosplayer, his characters include Deaddie Mercury, Doctor DeadWholicorn, Darth Poolicorn , Doctor DeadDoomicorn, Deadpoolicorn the Barbarian, and a few others. I usually just try for something ridiculous.

PopCultHQ – Do you, or Deadpoolicorn, make your own costumes?

Most of the costumes are pretty simple, so I just piece together. I put most of the original together myself with just a bodysuit, and a mask that I painted and of course a lot of various weapons.


PopCultHQ – There is a big debate that periodically raises it’s head, where some think that the cosplayers detract from the actual convention experience. What do you think?

I don’t really get it. I’ve heard the complaints about pulling attention away and blocking booths, but cosplayers are ticket holders like anyone else and they have money to spend too. The fact that they took the time to make a dress as a character you created would be the greatest honor ever. I know lots of comic creators that love us.
I remember conventions when I was a kid and no one dressed up, so I think from that end, it makes it more interesting created.

PopCultHQ – Any words for other cosplayers out there?

Have fun, and love each other! Stop with the body shaming and hating. We’re all part of the same community, get along and help each other.


Keep up with Deadpoolicorn on his Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram @Deadpoolicorn, or on tumblr.