Cosplay Spotlight – Irradiated Lady

Kris, aka Irradiated Lady (formerly known as fatandnerdy), is one of many cosplayers I have bookmarked. I bookmark cosplayers for a variety of reasons; some its simply because I like one (or more) of their cosplays, others it’s because I like what they write, and some I have bookmarked because of the whole package. Kris is one of these.

I love the verve with which she does things. She is a self-assured cosplayer with the self-confidence to kick ass and the mad skills to create almost anything she wants.

She has always done some stuff that I love and she has had a very distinctive rockabilly look, but her most current passion is Fallout, Overwatch and, it seems, all things post-apocalyptic. I just love the variety of characters she comes up with.

But what I truly love is the attention to detail. It is really the small things that make a cosplay pop.

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