Book Review: ‘Rebel Lexis’ by Paul Alan

I met Paul Alan, author of Rebel Lexis, at Wizard World Chicago 2016 when he approached PopCultHQ’s official cosplayer Laird C. Dracmor for an on-camera interview as Black Manta.

We were surprised to find him working with the lovely cosplayer & actress Victori Belle. Unfortunately only a small portion of the interview ended up on the video, but you can watch it here.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I like books and love reading, but it’s not something I get much time to do these days. After the last two books I picked up to review (both so painfully bad that I still can’t finish them, let alone review them), I was hesitant to consider another one.

Rebel Lexis‘ description reads:

A Science Fiction Dystopian Action Romantic Journey. Jason Bjorn just wants to do his job and captain his ship, but when his employer—The Polaris Corporation—sends him on a trek across the wastelands of Earth where he encounters treachery, an ancient cult, and secrets that strike at the heart of Polaris’ control over the planet. Soon, fighting to stay alive is the least of his worries as he finds himself at the center of a conflict that could change everything with nobody on his side but SOFIA, the seductively independent operating system that runs his ship.

“A Science Fiction Dystopian Action Romantic Journey” is a mouthful, but an apt description that gets to the point quickly.

This is a sci-fi thriller with very vivid imagery; the author’s style definitely lets you know what he envisions for a dystopian future.

Human civilization has evolved to where you need to upgrade your DNA to advance in the world, and in order to do that you need credits.

Jason Bjorn is a ship captain, sometimes a smuggler, on a tricky assignment for The Polaris Corporation who hopes that the credits gained from this assignment will get him a nice upgrade. The story follows Captain Bjorn and his A.I. SOFIA, as they struggle across the harsh Earth to complete the mission.

Paul Alan wants your attention right out of the gate, so the book starts out with a well-written steamy scene involving our main character Captain Jason Bjorn, and quickly evolves from there. It is fast-paced and you just want to keep reading; unfortunately the end come all too soon. It has all of the standards – greed, debauchery, danger and interesting protagonists.

Does Jason reach his goal? What upgrade is he after? Read the book to find out…..

It is a short, but well-written book that leaves a good setup for the sequel, which I may pick up in the future.