Wizard World Chicago 2016 Summary & List of Cosplay Photo Articles

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Wizard World Chicago was four long, spectacularly fun-filled days. I took almost 1000 photos, spoke with vendors, hung out with cosplayers and had brushes with celebrities.

I was only a few feet from John Barrowman and managed to snap some good photos, even got a blown kiss. 100_8523 (2) (600x459)

And on Friday, while I was off taking photos, my husband and son participated with our Spaceballs Cosplay group and were asked by Andre Gower, from Monster Squad, to pose with him.

monster squad andre (600x338)
Then the next morning it seems I was inches from Carrie Fisher and I didn’t even realize it until I saw photos of her and Gary, her pug, that afternoon. I have to say that he is one of the best behaved, most devoted animals I saw this weekend. He was 100% focused on his person and walking by them without a leash.

I loved the wider aisles in Artists Alley, it allowed for easy movement and let you truly take time to appreciate and talk with the artists without feeling rushed or crowded, and I hope to cover a few of them in the next few weeks.

We left the weekend with several pieces of artwork, Legos, and a POP figure of Black Manta.

I took a LOT of photos, which meant that they were broken into a lot of article so as not to overload anyone. Here is the list of all the Wizard World photo articles.

Thursday: Part 1 – The Adventures of Reptile

Thursday: Part 2 – Cosplayers

Thursday: Part 3 – Kids in Cosplay

Friday: Part 1 – Kids and Families

Friday: Part 2 – John Barrowman Sighting and Other Displays

Friday: Part 3 -The Heroes (56 Pics!)

Friday: Part 4 -The Villains (50 Pics!)

Friday: Part 5 -Everyone Else (40 Pics!)

Saturday: Part 1 – Adventures with Black Manta (44 Pics)

Saturday: Part 2 – Solo Photos (66 Pics)

Saturday: Part 3 – Group Photos (48 Pics)

Sunday: Part 1 – Adventures with Baby Groot (29 Pics)

Sunday: Part 2 – Individual Cosplayers (59 photos)

Sunday: Part 3 – Groups of Cosplayers

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Wizard World Chicago 2016 Videos – Light Saber Battle, Dance off, and Head Banging Baby Groot