Cosplay Photos – Wizard World Chicago Thursday: Part 1 – The Adventures of Reptile

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The first day of Wizard World Chicago is a wrap and PopCultHQ’s “Living Logo” Reptile was all over the place. We met a lot people, took a ton of pictures, handed out business cards and laid out our plans for the rest of the weekend.

After obtaining our press passes, we got the Wizard World goodie bag and were pleasantly surprised to find these buttons inside.

100_8290 (600x327)We were off to a good start!

This year, Wizard has laid out the convention wonderfully with lots of room in the aisles and vendors spread across two halls; even the artists get half a hall to themselves.  The extra wide aisles are a nice welcome.

As we walked the vendors, we noticed a lot of Pop! vinyls as per normal, and even managed to find one we were looking for.

There were also an awful lot of vendors selling those click-to-heat hot pads. I think we encountered at least one in every aisle of Hall A; there were at least 6 that I can think of off the top of my head. There are a number of weapon vendors and not all of them were harmless props, as there was a huge array of live steel.

Well, Reptile needed a coffee break, so that is it for now. There are plenty more photos, check out Part 2 – The Cosplayers. And be sure to stay with PopCultHQ as we continue our coverage today (Friday, August 19th) at Wizard World Chicago!100_8260 (600x400)