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Clichés Up the Wazoo in ‘Disappointing Gun Fight’

by April Carvelli
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It looks like the Laytons have done it again with another amusing sketch. These are the guys that had previously brought us Dentist Appointment With Dr. Daryl Dixon and Cooking With Daryl Dixon.

Now they have stepped away from The Walking Dead and into gunfighting… in fact they have touched on almost every gun fight scene I can recall.

This sketch was a concept that Jon and Steve have been kicking around for quite a while. We wanted to try our hand at the action genre, along with some of the clichés that go with it. This cat-and-mouse chase scene pokes fun at infinite ammo, over-the-top theatrics and one-liners.

We were lucky enough to learn that Lowe’s Extreme Airsports (a local trampoline and gymnastics gym) was about to convert the second half of their building into more fun-filled jumping space, but at the time it just happened to be full of junk, gym parts, paint-ball course discards, trailers of junk, construction materials, doors, tables, and all kinds of awesome debris. This made it perfect for our little chase.

I feel this is our most cinematic sketch to date. Behind the scenes photos are coming soon!

Keep an eye on their website Undefinity to see what else they come up with

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