PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: “Jackpot” #3 from AfterShock Comics

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PopCultHQ received a preview copy of Jackpot #3 from AfterShock Comics. Released on July 7th, the creative team for this series features writing from Ray Fawkes, art by Marco Failla and coloring by Stefani Rennee. Be sure to check out our earlier reviews of Jackpot! #1 and Jackpot! #2.

Here is PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of Jackpot #3…

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: Jackpot #3

The Story So Far… Dominique leads what may well be the greatest team of con-artists in the world. For years, they’ve been ripping off high-powered targets and getting away clean. But now they’ve attracted the attention of people playing on a whole other level – and things are getting weird… deadly weird…

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Weird is putting it lightly. Can you remember the first time you watched The Matrix of the visual effects in Inception? Do you recall that feeling of truly mind=blown as your entire perception of reality was changed forever? This is exactly what Jackpot! #3 does on top of an already stimulating storyline. Generally I, like many readers I’m sure, can often predict where the writer is going with the story. That’s not the case with Jackpot! Fawkes leaves you guessing as he unfolds this sheer magnificent story that continues to keep the pace, emotion, and intensity high issue after issue. Wherever/however this story was established and formed by the brilliant mind of Fawkes I can’t say for certain, however I am beyond thrilled that I stumbled across this title. Each issue improves on the last, the heist, the cons, the intensity… it just gets better every issue. How is this even possible?

j1Failla continues to deliver sharp-looking characters and an really showed some range with these new, trippy sequences (readers, you will LOVE it!). And Rennee has a knack for capturing that Vegas-style feel in the coloring that help immerse the reader into this con artist world. I swear, Marco and Stefani were destined to collaborate with Fawkes as the three have created a riveting series that exudes excellence on every level.

j2AfterShock Comics at this moment is a powerhouse with which to contend. They have a slew of exciting, unique, and intriguing titles (Alters, American Monsters, Black-Eyed Kids, inseXts, Super Zero, The Revisionist, Dreaming Eagles, etc.), a bullpen of phenomenal writers (Ennis, Bennett, Conner, Palmiotti, Barbiere, Azzarello, Waid et al), and an amazing staff at AfterShock. Ray Fawkes, along with artists Failla and Rennee, have cemented themselves as a cornerstone to the publisher with Jackpot! This series continues to improve on the previous issue, which is no small feat given Fawkes has been stellar since the title debuted. Most comics you read may have you saying, “I’m curious as to what will happen next issue” or “That wasn’t bad. I’d probably check it out again.” Not the case with Jackpot! This series will leave you anxiously anticipating the next issue and looking forward to how Fawkes outdoes himself… again. Although there are still 5 full months before the year’s end, I can GUARANTEE that Jackpot! will be PopCultHQ’s pick for title of the year. Hands down.

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


Available Covers for Jackpot #3:

Jackpot! #3

Time and Space are twisting into knots all around them, but the JACKPOT crew know every way there is to untie a knot! What is the power they’ve run afoul of–and what kind of deadly surprises do Dominique and her team have ready to spring?
28 pages, full color. Cover price $3.99.

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Take a look at this interview from AfterShock Comics’ EIC Mike Marts as he talks with Jackpot!‘s creator/writer Ray Fawkes about this series and what to expect!

Jackpot! #3 can be purchased on Amazon, ComiXology or at your local comic shop and various online retailers.

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