Last Night on CONAN: Christina Applegate, Adrienne C. Moore, Lukas Graham

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on Conan. On Thursday, July 28th, Conan had actress Christina Applegate (Bad Moms), Adrienne C. Moore (Orange is the New Black), and musical guest Lukas Graham.

CONAN Monologue 07/28/16 – Conan jokes about Hillary Clinton, Pokémon Go, Bradley Cooper, and more…


Bill Tull’s 11-Second Bourne Trilogy Recap – Matt Damon summarized his Jason Bourne trilogy in a minute and half, but our prop master Bill Tull only needs a fraction of that time.


New Brain Regions: Pokémon Go Edition – Scientists are discovering new sections of the brain every day, including the part that compels you to catch ’em all.


Grill Small Talk Challenge – Can Conan execute all seven small talk topics that everyone does at a BBQ? You bet your sweet marinade he can!


Christina Applegate Learned The Word “C***sucker” In Nursery School – Christina had a potty-mouth as a child and now her 5 year old daughter is following in her filthy footsteps.


Christina Applegate Was Recognized As “Susan Applebee” – A lady insisted that Christina was the very famous Susan Applebee. You know, from “Married with Children!” Susan Applebee!


Christina Applegate Is STOKED That Disneyland Serves Booze Now – Christina got offered copious amounts of alcohol at California Adventure which made the whole experience even more magical.


Adrienne C. Moore Doesn’t Have “TV Titties” – Adrienne explains how, with the aid of an ordinary pencil, any woman can check to see if her breasts are TV ready.


Adrienne C. Moore: Black Cindy Was Inspired By Minnie Mouse – Adrienne likes to think of Cindy as the black Princess Leia.


Adrienne C. Moore’s Inspirational Babysitting Story – As a babysitter, Adrienne was faced with a racist little boy and rather react in anger, she chose to teach with love instead.


Lukas Graham “Mama Said” 07/28/16 – Lukas Graham performs a track from their self-titled album.


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Lukas Graham “Drunk In The Morning” – Lukas Graham perform a special bonus track from their self-titled album.


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