Cosplay Photos: San Diego Comic Con 2016 by Pat Loika

San Diego Comic Con 2016 by Pat Loika

I started writing this like every other entry. After all, I think I could put gibberish here and no one would care as most just want to see the cosplay photos (that is what they directly scroll directly to).

Pat Loika is a San Diego-based photographer that does some awesome work. But he’s more than a photographer, he is a man of many talents: he is also a writer, illustrator and podcaster.

When I asked if I could borrow his photos, I didn’t realize that I was asking ‘that’ Pat Loika and almost anyone that is into the West Coast comic scene knows who I am talking about –  he’s a regular at conventions, frequently participates in panels, and hosted his own podcast, Loikamania. He is the ultimate comic fan, acknowledged by most, admired by many.  In fact, he is so influential as a comic fan that he has even been drawn, more than once, into popular comic lines.

Thank you Pat for allowing me to use your photos from SDCC 2016.

This is only a fraction of what he took and I had a very hard time narrowing it down to just these. To see all of his photos in their full glory check out his Flickr page