Trolli and SyFy Team up to Find the Most Weirdly Awesome Costume at SDCC

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SyFy and Trolli have hit the streets at SDCC to find some of the most weirdly awesome costumes. Being California AND a Comic Convention, they of course found a lot that met their criteria.


We, however, feel that the best of the weird is Joey Hanson and his Brave Little Toaster cosplay; he even has Kirby, Lampy, Blankie, and the Radio with him. I can’t tell if some of the others are there too… Talk about bringing an entourage with you.

Joey Hanson
Head over to the Trolli Weirdly Awesome Costume contest and vote. We won’t tell you to vote for Joey, but we will tell you he’s a better option than Trump or Clinton.

Head on over and vote.

P.S. A vote for Joey is a vote against the other two… however you only have until Saturday to vote!

Cast your vote for your favorites by liking the photos now! Tune-in to Syfy on Saturday at 8/7c to see the winner announced live on Syfy Presents Live from Comic-Con