#CONANCon Begins! See the Cast of Silicon Valley, Comic-Con Features & the Debut of CONAN360°

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The Conan show is back at San Diego Comic-Con International! Broadcasting his talk show on a special schedule this week (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights), the talk show host will be joined by some big names in the film and tv industries, such as the cast of Game of Thrones, the cast of Suicide Squad, and as last night showed us (see below) the cast of Silicon Valley, J.J. Abrams, Will Arnett and more!

Check out last night on Conan as the cast of ‘Silicon Valley’ appear, Will Arnett wields Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, J.J. Abrams tests Conan’s “Star Wars” geekness, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” spoilers, butt-chugging,  and many highlights of San Diego comic-Con International. Plus, the return of CONAN360°!

*** Please note: Some of the videos did not get to be embedded into article, but will be added as they become available. For now, those videos do have links to view the clips.

Conan v Andy: Dawn Of #ConanCon– CONAN Highlight: It’s a clash of the late night titans, as Conan & Andy battle for Comic-Con® supremacy.

#CONANCon: CONAN Monologue 07/20/16 – In a special Comic-Con® monologue, Conan jokes about the RNC, Doctor Strange, Pokémon Go, and more…


#CONANCon: Thor’s Hammer Is Cluttering Up The #ConanCon Stage – Only the worthy may pick up and wield Mjölnir. Somehow it seems Will Arnett is worthy.


#CONANCon: J.J. Abrams Gives Conan The Comic-Con® Citizenship Test
– Conan proves his comic nerd bonafides by passing the Star Wars’ director’s geeky quiz.


#CONANCon: Comic-Con® Bathroom Buddies
– Are you in an endless line at Comic-Con® when and feel the call of nature? With Comic-Con® Bathroom Buddies, you can pee with ease of mind.


Andy Demos The Magic Of CONAN360° – Thanks to AT&T, Andy uses the amazing CONAN360°, which is more like being in the theater than ACTUALLY being in the theater.  All CONAN360° clips will be available at teamcoco.com/360

#CONANCon: The Cast Of “Silicon Valley” Rocks Pied Piper Jackets – How cool are Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Amanda Crew, & Zach Woods? They’re matching jackets cool.



#CONANCon: Kumail Nanjiani & Thomas Middleditch Are Old “Gears Of War” Buddies – Kumail & Thomas bonded over killing people online. As you do.


#CONANCon: Kumail Nanjiani Gives Comic-Con®  A Friendly Diss – Plus, Zach is no stranger to conventions, being a battle-hardened vet of the Virginia Trumpet Convention.


#CONANCon: Zach Woods Is Obsessed With “Butt-Chugging” – Just remember kids, if you want to get loaded but not reek of booze, you definitely SHOULDN’T do this thing with a tampon.


#CONANCon: The Cast Of “Silicon Valley” Gets A Conference Call From Jian Yang – Using the Pied Piper app, Conan gets a crank call from the resident pest of “Silicon Valley.”


#CONANCon: Martin Starr Spills “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Spoilers – Martin couldn’t be at #ConanCon since he’s filming the new Spidey flick, but he reveals the shocking news that [REDACTED].


#CONANCon: The Cast of “Silicon Valley” Loves Their Sexy Fan Art – The cast loves that the art seems more homey and loving than just two dudes ramming each other.


#CONANCon: Zach Woods Is All About His Massage App – Zach recommends Soothe, a massage app that may or may not get you murdered in your own home.


#CONANCon: Kumail Nanjiani Accidentally Pissed Off Mark Zuckerberg – Kumail & Martin Starr recreated their Tip to Tip gag from “Silicon Valley” and Mark wasn’t really a fan of such masturbatory humor.



CONAN360° clips

CONAN360° Conan’s Wild #ConanCon Entrance – Conan gets an incredible welcome to Comic-Con®, and thanks to CONAN360°, you can watch it from every angle.

CONAN360° Will Arnett Wields Thor’s Hammer – Not only is Will Lego Batman, he’s somehow also the Norse God of Thunder. Plus, Bojack Horseman, of course.

CONAN360° Andy Richter Uses CONAN360° Like A Champ – With a little assist from AT&T, Andy shows the #ConanCon audience just how cool CONAN360° is.

CONAN360° The “Silicon Valley” Cast Enter #ConanCon – With CONAN360°, you can see every inch of the cast’s too-cool-for-school Pied Piper jackets.


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