PopCultHQ (Comic) Book Review: “Bullet Gal” – a Novella by Andrez Bergen

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PopCultHQ was sent a copy of Bullet Gal, a comic book series adapted into a novel from creator Andrez Bergen and published by Roundfire Books. Known for some amazing titles such as Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat (which PopCultHQ reviewed), Black Sails, Disco Inferno, Magpie and Trista & Holt, Bergen has been on an incredible streak of successful titles and, by the looks of the review below given by our own ‘Brainy Librarian‘ Amanda, is continuing to propel the writer further in the industry.

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Here is your PopCultHQ spoiler-free review of Bullet Gal

PopCultHQ (Comic) Book Review: Bullet Gal by Andrez Bergen

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Teenage gunsel-cum-aspiring-hero Mitzi (last name unknown) breezes into Heropa with twin 9 mm pistols blazing – only to be targeted for recruitment, betrayal and assassination. French femmes fatale, an out-of-touch super-powered elite, and one hell of an underlying mystery, figure heavily in this fusion neo-noir, science-fiction dystopia. Interweaving the scrappy one-liners is a story much more than the sum of its parts, concerning questions about grand creative process.


BG newsAnti-heroines are a fascination to me. It started with Carmela of the HBO series Sopranos and has since grown to recent characters like Olivia Pope and Piper Chapman. But what of characters outside of television? That’s where Bullet Gal/Mitzi comes in. She’s part Lisbeth Salander of the Dragon Tattoo book series, part Lara Croft, part Jessica Jones. She fierce, rough around the edges, yet undeniably cool. This is someone you fear yet would also love to get drunk with.

Andrez Bergen’s ‘Bullet Gal’ is a dark film noir/dystopian story. Our female lead finds out her vigilante lifestyle has consequences: a mark on her head. The chapters of this novella are from different character’s viewpoints. This technique gives the reader contrasting perspectives which makes for an investigative experience. The reader must piece the puzzle together and try to make sense of Heropa, just as Bullet Gal/Mitzi is doing.

Pop culture enthusiasts will love the references to comics and will see a conglomerate of influences in this work. Andrez Bergen captures the film noir essence while keeping a steady flow of humor and intrigue. I was immersed into the world of Heropa and quickly found myself yearning to hear more from my new favorite anti-heroine, Bullet Gal.

PopCultHQ Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


Andrez picBullet Gal will be released in print and digital format on November 25th, 2016. You can pre-order a copy now at Roundfire Books or on Amazon.
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