Cosplay Photos – Hoshicon

HoshiCon 2016 by ManlyBattleship

There were a lot of conventions over this past weekend. After all, it is the height of convention season in North America. I hope to cover at least two of them this week.

Charlotte, NC was host to Hoshicon, a three-day tribute to Japanese Culture, Animation, and Video Games.  Last year’s event attracted over 4,000 attendees and it looks like their numbers might have gone up this year.

Their guests of honor included several anime voice actors –  Tony Oliver (Gurren Lagann), Erica Lindbeck (The Seven Deadly Sins, Barbie), Tara Sands (Pokemon), Eric Stuart (Dinosaur King, YuGiOh), and Patrick Seitz (Inside Out, Sword Art Online).

And now on to the stuff you really want to see… the photos! All of these awesome cosplay photos are courtesy of Manly Battleships®. To see the rest of the photos from Hoshicon, or to find these photos in their full glory, head over to his photo album.

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They’ve got some pretty cool stuff, check them out for yourself!