PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review – “S.I.D.: Special Intergalactic Detective” Vol. 1

PopCultHQ received a preview copy of “S.I.D.: Special Intergalactic Detective” Vol. 1 from Idea Engine Productions. Currently in a Kickstarter campaign until July 22nd, the creative team for this 100-page graphic novel features writing from Michael Sarrao, artist Matthew Leporacci, colorist Giuseppe Pica, and lettered by Abraham Hunter.

Here is PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of “S.I.D.: Special Intergalactic DetectiveVol. 1

Sid a

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: “S.I.D.: Special Intergalactic Detective” Vol. 1

Ya know, if you think about it, humanity should have blown itself up countless times already. With all the technology we’ve created over the past 100 years and the wars that have been fought, how is it that we’ve pulled ourselves back from oblivion? Was it reason? Logic? Fate? Divine intervention? Nnnaaaaahh. It’s because of our friendly galactic neighbor….SID

SID’s mission is to protect us from technology that we’re not ready to have. That’s why we don’t have hover cars or singing robots. But what happens when a higher power decides to test “Slim Green”? Stick around and find out.

PopCultHQ was contacted by creator/writer Michael Sarrao and asked to review his new graphic novel which is currently involved in a Kickstarter campaign (and SOOOO close to his goal!). Michael also gave me a little insight to his inspiration and what he wanted to achieve.

“I’ve found some great inspiration in writing this book from books like Hellboy, Atomic Robo, and even the old Justice League International. Fun, sarcastic, and at times ridiculous action/adventure. This is a different writing direction for me as my previous series was Unmasked, a darker, grittier book in the vein of Watchmen. As a writer, I just wanted to show my versatility.”

Sid gWriter Michael Sarrao does an exceptional job and combining a compelling story that is well-paced with dashes of humor throughout the book. At times it feels like he could pull back a tad on SID always making light of everything, but then I stumble onto the next quip and I think, “Okay, I’m glad that’s in there.” I did this throughout the book; not saying that’s good or bad, just saying. I liked the interesting dichotomy between SID and the consummate professional (FBI Agent) Hodge. There could be a lot explored in the future with these two. And the cliffhanging last couple of pages? Yeah, definitely added to the depth and intrigue of the story as now a mysterious antagonist with an agenda is revealed.

The artwork from Matthew Leporacci and guest artist John Broglia is sharp and crisp, which compliments the writer’s vision. Detailing, shading, and depth were all strong suits for the illustrations. Colorist Giuseppe Pica truly impressed me with his details so minute you may overlook them, which would unfortunate for you. From his almost marbleized look to the stone path to the colors he strategically employs in this sci-fi romp, Pica has a great grasp of Sarrao’s characters and Leporacci’s illustrations.

Abraham Hunter couldn’t have done a finer job with the lettering. It’s one of those ‘You don’t notice it because it’s perfectly placed in each panel,‘ but as a reviewer who intentionally looks for it, I have to say that Hunter could work on any project and produce stunning results.

Sid c

This is a fantastic concept from Sarrao with a lot of potential to grow deeper in a series. For me personally, it was at times a tad much with all of SID’s one-liners or comedic responses, but in the end I felt it was something I could easily live with and may actually embrace upon reading more with him. There was great pacing in this issue, a wonderful job was done at laying the foundation of the story for further volumes to come, and just enough enticement to pique your curiosity for more. There are characters in this book that will raise emotion in the reader: perhaps someone with whom you can root for, someone you despise, or the sheer laughter from our titular hero. Superhero, that is.

This alien overseer and protector of Earth is a lot smarter than his counterparts may give him, but I think that in the next volume we could really see this complex character blow people away (in the story and those reading) with his knowledge, his gifts, and his apparent compassion to protect mankind.

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

PCHQ 4.5


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S.I.D. is a zany scifi comedy that focuses on the title hero as he battles an evil presidential candidate from obtaining technologies that humanity isn’t ready for.

This 100-page graphic novel is complete and backers will get an exclusive Kickstarter Edition which won’t be sold anywhere else!  This campaign will help us get volume 1 in print for the very first time.




SID, abandoned on Earth during the 1980s’ has lived secretly among us; growing up like any other normal person…except he’s a freakin’ green skinned, elongated skulled alien! But that doesn’t matter because just like any of us, he needed to get a job. He eventually “grew up” and became The Special Intergalactic Detective of Earth where his mission has been to take back super advanced technologies that your typical mad scientists, rogue governments or pesky corporations cook up for the usual nefarious or irresponsible reasons.

SID’s latest mission revolves around teleportation technology which SID is sure that, in the wrong hands, could destroy the planet. Little does SID know that a ruthless presidential candidate, Lance Christoff, has learned about his existence and is plotting against him. Whomever controls these technologies can rule the world, and Christoff won’t be denied.


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Sid bWriter Michael Sarrao:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.sarrao
Twitter: https://twitter.com/michaelsarrao
Tumblr: http://michaelsarrao-blog.tumblr.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/msarrao24/

Artist Matthew Leporacci:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matt.leporacci
DeviantArt: http://arkane360.deviantart.com/

Sid 1 cover

Guest Artist John Broglia:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jpbroglia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnbroglia
Blogspot: http://johnbroglia.blogspot.com/

Colorist Giuseppe Pica:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gipika
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49101827@N06/

Lettering Abraham Hunter:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abraham.hunter


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