‘The Warriors’ Will “Come Out and Play” on Hulu as TV Series

Joe and Anthony Russo have teamed up with Paramount TV and streaming service Hulu to adapt the popular late 70’s gang action/thriller ‘The Warriors‘ into an hour-long drama.

w1Originally filmed in 1979 by director Walter Hill, The Warriors was a film set in that year when areas of New York still resembled war-torn Mogadishu, torn apart by rivalry between deadly gangs. A charismatic leader summons these street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, one of the gangs, The Warriors, are falsely blamed for his death and must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down to kill them. Hill’s film remains a classic of its genre. Who can forget the psychotic character’s Luther call for the Warriors to “Come out and play”?

Cyrus preaching to the gangs
Cyrus preaching to the gangs

The Russos have directed such box office hits as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, as well as the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War films. On the television side of things, they have collaborated on popular tv series’ like Arrested Development and Community (which they both produced). You kind of get the feeling like this duo will honor the original 1979 cult classic film, while at the same time incorporating their own blend of violence, sex, and grittiness to adapt to the times. They will partner with writer Frank Baldwin to develop the series.

Joe and Anthony have been tapped to direct the pilot, but anything beyond that has not yet been decided. This certainly will be a great addition to Hulu’s original programming lineup. If you’ve never seen the original, you can stream it now on Netflix and check out the original 1979 trailer for the film. Ah, the 70s.


Synopsis for The Warriors (1979):
A battle of gigantic proportions is looming in the neon underground of New York City. The armies of the night number 100,000, they outnumber the police 5 to 1, and tonight they’re after the Warriors – a street gang blamed unfairly for a rival gang leader’s death. This contemporary action-adventure story takes place at night, underground, in the sub-culture of gang warfare that rages from Coney Island to Manhattan to the Bronx. Members of the Warriors fight for their lives, seek to survive in the urban jungle and learn the meaning of loyalty. This intense and stylized film is a dazzling achievement for cinematographer Andrew Laszlo.

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