‘Supernatural’ Actress Samantha Ferris Guns for Villains Con

Back on June 23rd, we wrote on the Villains Con in Danville, IL that had abused the trust of the entertainment they had hired. Since that article more has come to light and one of the guests has taken to directly attacking Vintage Villains Comic Store, who hosted the event.

As we stated in our article, the guests were paid with post-dated checks. At the time the article was written, we had not heard of any checks bouncing.

….well guess what folks, some of those checks have started to rebound.

Vintage Villains is not denying the fact that some of the guests and bands weren’t paid. In fact, a recent Twitter post states that two of the guests and 8 bands have not received their money.

vintage Villains 2

Judging by the tweets, I would say that the two guests were Samantha Ferris (Supernatural, V, Along Came a Spider) and Chad Rook (iZombie, The Flash, The Perfect Pickup).

vintage Villains 4According to Samantha Ferris, calls by her and her agent are not being returned, however Vintage Villains claims they were working out a deal with the agent when Samantha took it upon herself to tweet to the world her dissatisfaction.

vintage Villains 5That portion of the disagreement is hard to judge as I have no proof if there was any actual communication between Vintage Villains and Samantha’s agent, and at this point the burden of proof lays with Vintage Villains, as they are obviously the ones with a contract violation.vintage Villains 3

The main point is that this should never have become an issue to begin with. Vintage Villains put on the con and should have paid up front.

A convention is a business and in order to run a responsible business you must be able to pay your bills. From the first day of the convention there were issues that pointed to poor management and the fact that everyone received post-dated checks on Sunday was the final straw for many of them.

Once my first article came out, I received several more comments from acts that had been mishandled.

Lola Hart June 24, 2016 at 12:01 AM

I was there at VillainsCon this year, and was supposed to assist in performing Burlesque for the second nights after party.

We were also given the same run-around, and actually nixed the third round of acts due to the management avoiding us, and trying to skirt our payment. We were given a post-dated check as well, and thankfully it did go through.

The management was lying to his business partner, lying to guests, and was yelling at staff on the show floor. We as Burlesque performers were blamed for the second nights concert running an hour behind, when in all reality they did not figure in proper times for setup and teardown, and did not think that the band’s would run long (as bands usually do)

I’ve been doing cons for well over a decade, and this is the worst event I have seen. I feel bad for the attendees and volunteers who were hoping for a good event, or tried to help make a good event happen.

I hope that the comic store does not go under due to this mess.

There were reports that opening acts weren’t paid on Friday night. They asked several times about payment and received the brush off from Chris. There was even one point where he told someone he would go get the check and he wasn’t seen again that evening.

I also got a few sources telling me that Christopher contacted some of the opening acts on Saturday letting them know that they couldn’t be paid because the con hadn’t received their advanced ticket money from the stadium yet, and they wouldn’t have it until Thursday. Then at some point it became that it wouldn’t be mailed to them until Thursday buying them another few days.

Once again, as a company running an event where you know that you will need to pay for things such as entertainment immediately, shouldn’t you already have those funds set aside?

In the end, most of the entertainment took a post-dated check, but it appears as if the cashing of those checks became a game of Russian Roulette….will it bounce or not? And for several, it bounced.

Some reports and screenshots I have show them blaming the lack of funds on the cancellation of Marina Sirtis, other information shows them blaming the lack of funds on the arena.

We can’t tell which is true, but we do know it is a bad business practice and definitely a death knell for the Villains Con or any con in the Danville area.