Cosplay Photos: Oz Comic Con – Melbourne

OZ Comic Con Melbourne Davids Cosplay Adventures

Thousands descended upon the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre over the June 10th weekend to get their geek on at the annual Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, Australia.

They had an array of stars including Lucy Lawless from Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica, and Spartacus.  Terminator villain Robert Patrick, who also starred in films such as Die Hard 2 and Charlie’s Angels was there to sign autographs.

John Barrowman Tim Tams
Prior to the tower collapse it was actually taller than him

John Barrowman was even there to sign autographs for adoring fans and to receive offerings of Tim Tams from his adoring fans. So many of these tasty biscuits were received that he built a tower, which later collapsed upon him. (If anyone wants to send some of that yummy goodness my way, I wouldn’t object)

I would like to thanks David of Davids Cosplay Adventures for the awesome cosplay photos.
Check out his page for more great cosplay.