E3 2016: Xbox One Slim Leaked!

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A day before Microsoft could do the honors themselves, a post appeared on NeoGAF, showing off the slimmer, new model of the Xbox One.

Not to be confused with the rumored “Project Scorpio,” this console has been dubbed “Edmonton.” The console appears to have a slight change in design. The post states the following.

Introducing the new Xbox One S, featuring a 40% smaller console, a 2TB hard drive, 4k Ultra HD video, High Dynamic Range, a streamlined controller and vertical stand.


As I predicted, the console does look to have removed the glossy finish of it’s larger predecessor, but does retain is squared box shape. The power supply is rumored to be internal, doing away with the already gigantic power brick. There is no word on cost or release but we can be sure to find out more tomorrow!

NeoGAF is known for their track record of accurate leaks but as with all things, readers can find out more tomorrow evening!