PopCultHQ’s First Look: “4001 A.D.” #3 (of 4) from Valiant

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This July, the summer’s biggest, brashest, and most acclaimed comics event brings Rai’s rebellion against the space-faring citadel of New Japan to a steel-tempered turning point!

4001_003_001Valiant is proud to present your first look inside 4001 A.D. #3 (of 4) – the next visionary chapter of 2016’s most ambitious comics crossover event! With New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt(DIVINITY II, Dept. H) and superstar artist Clayton Crain (RAI, Carnage) leading the charge, be here on July 27th as the forsaken guardian of New Japan comes face to face with Father, the all-powerful artificial intelligence that created him…and brings about a reckoning of wills that will forever shape the future of the Valiant Universe!

The war against Father is about to turn in favor of the 41st century’s revolutionary heroes as Rai finds his long-lost friends aboard the war-torn monstrosity that has become New Japan. But, reunited at last, can Rai and his band of allies – the Eternal Warrior, Geomancer, Lemur, Lula Lee, and more – stand against Father’s increasingly ruthless defenses? And can they rescue what remains of their space-faring homeland before it crashes down to Earth and destroys everything…and everyone?

As shockwaves from “THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D.” reverberate across the 41st century, start reading here and find out why fans and critics are calling Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain‘s stunning vision the most daring comic book event of this millennium…or the next!

4001_003_002✮✮✮✮ ½… Huge-scale action… [4001 A.D.] establishes the series as arguably the summer’s biggest and best event.” – Newsarama

✮✮✮✮ ½… An absolutely visual treat with some of the best artwork you’re likely to see in a comic until the next issue… We’re in for one hell of a summer.” – Graphic Policy

✮✮✮✮ ½… Ripe with action… Writer Matt Kindt [has] dialed the story up to a ten real quick…” –Fanboy Nation

✮✮✮✮ … Jaw-droppingly good… The best cyberpunk comic in ages…made complete with one of the most epic science fiction scenarios imaginable.” – AiPT!

✮✮✮✮… 4001 A.D. is big, in every way possible… The slick writing and incredible visuals make this a tasty treat for one and all. You lucky, lucky people.” – Big Comic Page

✮✮✮✮… [A] near cinematic masterpiece… [4001 A.D.] continues to be a blockbuster of an event, in scope and story. Crain is delivering the art of his career.” – The Broken Infinite

✮✮✮✮… If you read only one series this summer, 4001 A.D. should be it.” – All-Comic

4001_003_003On July 27th, Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain plunge even further into Rai’s stratospheric war for survival with a mind-blowing new chapter in 4001 A.D. #3 (of 4) – featuring covers by Clayton Crain(RAI, Carnage), Tula Lotay (The Wicked & The Divine), Ryan Bodenheim (The Dying and the Dead),Philip Tan (Batman & Robin), Ryan Lee (Inhuman), and Ryan Sook (Wednesday Comics)!

Encompassing the core 4001 A.D. event series, the return of Valiant’s acclaimed RAI ongoing series, and four all-new one-shots revealing the future incarnations of the Valiant Universe’s most iconic heroes, “THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D.” is the biggest and most visionary Valiant event to date – and a perfect introduction to the largest independent superhero universe in comics today.

Also coming in July, “THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D.” explodes with the next stunning revelation from New Japan’s never-before-revealed history in RAI #15 by 4001 A.D. mastermind Matt Kindt and blockbuster artist CAFU! Centuries before 4001 A.D., witness the rise of New Japan’s greatest champion as a new Rai is anointed by Father’s forces!  The missing links connecting the world of today with the 41st century’s empire of tomorrow continue here with another standalone adventure at the epicenter of 4001 A.D.!



Then: “THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D.” escalates even further as a staggering cast of superstar talents come aboard to reveal what the future holds for Valiant’s most iconic heroes in a new series of four indispensable one-shots! Featuring X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Shadowman, and the debut of an all-new, top-secret character with a crucial tie to the present and future of the Valiant Universe, “THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D.” erupts into full force here with four new chapters from Valiant’s most acclaimed creators, ripped directly from the pages of 4001 A.D.:

Each chapter of “THE SUMMER OF THE 4001 A.D.” is designed for maximum accessibility and can be read in concert with the core 4001 A.D. series or stand on its own for a centuries-spanning vision of the future.


4001_003_0054001 A.D. #3 (of 4)
Written by MATT KINDT
Character Design Variant by CLAYTON CRAIN
Interlocking Mega-Cover Variant by RYAN LEE
Interlocking Artist Variant by RYAN SOOK
B&W Interlocking Artist Variant by RYAN SOOK
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JULY 27th 


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