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Chris Evans Panic Attack – False Rumors

by April Carvelli
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I thought that this might be a story to cover this morning, but within seconds I found that it was all false. Chris Evans did not have a panic attack. He (or his media crew) even tweeted that it was false.
chris evansThe media can be a powerful tool. It can be used to spread word of a kidnappers ID, it can be used to help people out of tight situations, or it can just be used for amusement.

But all too often it is a tool that is misused. It seems that in this day and age of instant communication, nobody stops to check facts. “ I saw it on Facebook/ Instagram/ FOX/ ABC/etc…” so it must be true.

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There was some kissing, but Chris looks a little more shocked than panicked.

chris evans1Frequently a simple Internet search will tell you whether the ‘news’ is real or fake. It only takes a few seconds to verify most news stories. And unfortunately a huge portion of them these days are nothing more than rumors or opinions, not facts.

This morning I woke up and the first headline I saw online was “At Philly Comic Con Chris Evans had a panic attack and had to leave.” I saw this across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It was posted and shared everywhere. There were even several blogs that picked up the story and ran with it, which only spread it further.

And we all know that when others are posting about the same thing it has to be true… Right?

False! It’s called starting rumors, jumping on the bandwagon, fanning the flames, herd mentality, etc… whatever you want to call it. It’s people not checking facts and circulating what they think it interesting and true.

chris evans3This was a rumor, somehow started on Instagram, that spread like wildfire. Yes, Chris Evans has anxiety so it is entirely possible for that to have happened, but there was no proof before this falsehood ran wild. It appears that no one double-checked their facts, they just ran with it. It’s now been pulled from several of those blogs and sites, but the damage is already done, the headlines are out there and the stories are flying.

The good thing about the false rumor is that it once again opened dialogue on two important topics: mental disorders such as anxiety, and consent. Both are very important topics that need to be at the forefront, but tend to get quickly squashed under the more exciting headlines.

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Please everyone, before you hit ‘Share’ or ‘Forward’ on a post or news story, try to check it. At popculthq, we will do our best to only publish true information. We will have opinion pieces and opinions in articles, but those are obviously opinions, not false information. All of our writers do their best to fully research what we post.


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