PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: “Queen” #1 from Jamie Me

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PopCultHQ received a preview copy of Queen #1 from Jamie Me TM. The creative team for this new self-published, crowdfunded series features writing and lettering from Jamie Me, artist Bernardinus Gita, and colorist Sean Callahan.

Here is PopCultHQ’s review of Queen #1…

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: Queen #1

Do you trust your government? It’s a question that arises from the new series “Queen” from creator Jamie Me.

Q1The story focuses on the life of Deputy Prime Minister Emily Green. A woman torn between supporting the man she has sworn to defend, current Conservative Prime Minister Daniel Camden, and her personal life. A troubled marriage, a strained relationship with her son, and news spreading that Camden has an agenda to privatise [sic] the National Health Service (NHS). Though Camden denies the allegations, the pressure is on by the Unity Leader for him to divulge his plans and intentions for the DHS.

Throughout the news, leaks of political corruption are revealed by a whistleblowing organization named Nidus. You see similarities to the real-life Anonymous, known for exposing criminal activity by those in power.

Q2Green receives a mysterious package labeled ‘Sword of Damocles.’ The box begins to vibrate and Emily finds a cell phone ringing. Filled with trepidation, she cautiously answers only to hear a voice urging her to get Camden out of office and take his seat so she can purge parliament of its many cancerous cells prior to the upcoming election. This anonymous caller has access to all the secrets of the Conservative party members and is willing to expose just what their financial interest is in privatising the NHS.

Emily finds herself struggling between the mysterious caller who knows all about her and the opportunity to run the country. Will Emily seek to further her own interests and gain the top seat in the United Kingdom? Is there some covert consortium lurking in the shadows waiting to make their move? Will the deputy Prime Minister be used as a pwn to further someone’s agenda?

Though this issue deals with the political environment that appears to parallel the current conditions, it is uncertain how much of today’s politcal scene factored into Me’s story. But one can’t help but notice similarities, i.e. the fictional PM Daniel Camden vs. the current UK PM David Cameron.

Writer Jamie Me delivers a solid story filled with political intrigue, corruption, and hints at espionage. The story, tone of the book, and the artwork gave me a feeling like I was reading a mix of James Bond and a Dan Brown novel. Compelling, captivating, and stylish, this series has the capability at being a tremendous political thriller. I am looking forward to what Jamie has in store for the progression of the series and its lead Emily Green.

Artist Bernardinus Gita shows on every panel his remarkable grasp of depth, which is truly his forté. His visualizations of the cast of characters contributes to the book’s darker theme of a shady leader, an unknown mysterious player, and the corruption that is being unraveled in Parliament.

Colorist Sean Callahan does a splendid job in actually helping to bring out the mood Me is trying to convey. Together with artist Gita, the two compliment the storyline rather well and do add substance to the book.

If issue #2 continues with the great pace, strong artwork, deepen the character development, and further its intriguing storyline, it will easily gain at least another .5 of a rating. Upon seeing the cover for the next issue (shown at the end of the book), it’s clearly evident something big is in the works. Bring it on!

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


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Queen 1 cover

Synopsis of Queen #1:

The Prime Minister is dead. His deputy, Emily Green, sits next to him. In front of them is a silenced handgun. We are all to blame.

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