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Director Michael Bay Confirms Villain For “Transformers: The Last Knight”

by Jason Bennett
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This afternoon, director Michael Bay took to social media to make an announcement regarding his upcoming sequel next year. On his Instagram page, Bay revealed the villain of 2017’s Transformers: The Last Knight as Megatron! Also in the post, as seen below, is a message stating that production of the film is officially beginning this week.

MegatronThe first of three planned films, which also includes a sixth Transformers film and a spin-off starring Bumblebee, Transformers: The Last Knight looks to add to its $3.7 billion box office take from the four previous films.

Megatron’s return to the series, even after his apparent death, will certainly strengthen the Decepticons as they face off against the Autobots. With Optimus Prime departing for space at the conclusion of the last Transformers film, Age of Extinction, look for Bumblebee to initially lead the team in the film.

It’s starting. This week production. Megatron is back. #transformers #decepticons#

A video posted by Michael Bay (@michaelbay) on

Transformers: The Last Knight posted a teaser video over the weekend written in Morse code. The message translated to “I’m coming for you May 31,” an obvious threat from the leader of the Decepticons.

BumblebeeThis will be the first film in the Transformers franchise that utilized a new writers room that was created for the specific purpose of scripting future films for the Robots in Disguise. Michael Bay has made it known that Transformers: The Last Knight will be his last in production. Bay will produce and direct this new film based off a screenplay written by Iron Man‘s Art Marcum and Matt Holloway and with Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down).

The film is scheduled to be released on June 23, 2017. Confirmed to star in the film are Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, and Isabela Moner.

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