Update on Fan-Chosen ‘Stiletto’ – New G.I. Joe Action Figure from Kindle Worlds

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Last November, fans and collectors of G.I. Joe were asked to vote through the Hasbro Pulse website and pick who they would like to see made into a brand-new action figure for Hasbro’s 2016 lineup. Fans were given three characters to choose from, which were pulled straight out of the fan-created stories found on Kindle Worlds. There are currently over 100 unique G.I. Joe stories available on Kindle Worlds, and the character selected as the fan favorite is Stiletto (from Bill Nedrow’s G.I. Joe: Body Count).

The Hasbro Pulse website has detailed how Stiletto went from a story to becoming her own action figure…

Senior designer John Violette took the character description from Nedrow’s story and got to work. We knew the Stiletto figure would be unmistakeable facially, with a white stripe of hair in her braided ponytail and a diagonal scar running across her mouth and left eye. Well-known G.I. Joe artist Robert Atkins prepared the initial pencil sketches for Stiletto, which were adapted into the original head sculpt. Brand writers started building her filecard, and an illustrator designed her overall image.

With the head sculpted, an initial deco mock-up was created. While the first concept celebrated Stiletto’s heritage with traditional Thai colors, the overall look felt more ninja-influenced and didn’t give off a strong enough tactical vibe. A simple arm-swap improved the feel of the figure, and a new deco treatment was created as well. You can sneak a peek on the finished artwork that appears on the filecard.

The new Stiletto action figure will be available this coming November at Toys ‘R Us and online through Entertainment Earth. For more G.I. Joe news and announcements, be sure to follow Hasbro Pulse for further updates.

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