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PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: “Legend of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah” #2 from Aspen Comics

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ received a preview copy of Legend of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #2 by Aspen ComicsBig Dog Ink imprint, which arrives in stores on June 1st. The creative team for this series features writing from Keith Thomas, artist Renato Rei, and colorist Ceci de la Cruz. If you haven’t had the opportunity, check out PopCultHQ’s review of Legend of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #1.

Here is PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of Legend of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #2…

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: Legend of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #2

K1Fresh from the pages of BDI’s hit Legend of OZ: The Wicked West series comes issue two of the three-part spin-off.

Still on the run from the Wicked Witch’s ravenous flying monkeys, Tik-Tok, Kalidah and the mystery woman approach a forest. But Kalidah is hesitant to proceed any further much to Tik-Tok’s chagrin. While puzzled at his tiger companion’s reluctance, we see that the pursuers are flying ever so close to our protagonists.

There were a couple of instances where Tik-Tok would explain to the girl that since he is a clockwork man, he doesn’t have feelings or can’t express emotions. You almost get the feeling that Tik-Tok wishes this wasn’t the case, that he longed to experience those things.

Keith Thomas takes over writing duties from issue one’s writer Robert Anderson. Thomas picks up where Anderson left off in the group’s journey for answers. Travelling through an exotic landscape where enemies lurk in the shadows and you must always be on guard. From seeing a preview of issue 3’s cover, it looks like Thomas will wrap up the series. I look forward to how he plans on tying up all the loose ends and what is the ultimate fate of this crew whose adventure we’ve been following.

K2The flying monkeys actually appear more gargoyle-like, which adds to their menacing appearance. Artist Renato Rei continues to create beautiful and striking characters and scenery. The team of Rei and de la Cruz have been solid in their contributions and have helped this series evoke life and emotion through their artistic talents.

Overall, I felt that Legend of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #2 slowed down its pace set in the first issue. It also felt as if it lost some of the Wild West component that was accentuated in the first issue. Where in last month’s premiere Tik-Tok and Kalidah faced the local Western townfolk, encountered a sand serpent, were on the hunt for a mysterious object, met a female and were being hunted by the Witch’s henchmen, this time around the trio was ambushed by a pack of tigers. It was good to see the flying monkeys still on the hunt, and it did set the stage for an exciting confrontation in the final issue by them catching up with their targets. It was also an awesome entanglement in the final pages of the issue.


Still, this has been an enjoyable story with likable characters that keep me interested in seeing issue three, the final issue in the miniseries. With the female companion shrouded in mystery and the quest for the magical compass, not to mention having the Witch’s baddies hot on the group’s tail, there seems to be a lot that needs to be answered. I expect the finale to bring many things to light and answer these questions carried over from the first two issues that will close this series on a high note.

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


Aspen BDI

Available Covers for Legend of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #2:

Cover A by Renato Rei and Ceci de la Cruz
Cover B by Nei Ruffino
Publisher: ASPEN MLT INC
(W) Keith Thomas (A/CA) Renato Rei

Tik-Tok makes his triumphant debut in this all-new spin-off Legend of Oz: The Wicked West adventure! The quest for the most powerful relic in Oz continues in this thrilling second chapter by newcomers Keith Thomas & Renato Rei!

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In Shops: 6/1/2016
SRP: $3.99

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K4Writer Keith Thomas:

Artist Renato Rei:

Colorist Ceci de la Cruz:

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