Artists! Here’s Your Chance To Draw “Hit-Girl” and Make $10K an Issue + Royalties!

Attention all artists! Would you like to make $10,000 an issue (plus royalties) to draw for the new Hit-Girl series? Mark Millar, writer of such series as The Secret Service, Civil War, Kick-Ass and The Ultimates, is sending a call-out to illustrators who would like the opportunity to be the featured artist for their upcoming Hit-Girl series. He’s searching for someone with commitment, is timely, and possesses some experience. Plans are for this new title to produce 8 issues a year, consisting of 2 four-issue story arcs. Want more info, check out the details from Millar himself…

MillarI’m not a fellow to beat about the bush. We’re going to launch a big Hit-Girl series later in the year and have a spectacular writer, but the artist we had in mind is sadly locked into his contract longer than he thought and I want to get someone equally great.

Instead of messing around emailing people privately I thought I’d just do a big shout out right now to the comic-book community. We’re looking for someone truly great for this, someone who can really handle a monthly deadline (we’ll be publishing around 8 issues a year, two four issue arcs) and I’d like to get them started around four weeks from now as all the scripts are being readied. Payment is $10,000 dollars an issue for black and white art and a generous royalty package for monthly books and trades.

Either post details here below or contact me privately through one of the mods. We’re launching at the end of this year so I’d like to get someone nailed down this week if possible.

Note: This is 4 or 5X Marvel or DC starter rates and twice what most of their artists are getting paid so I’m expecting someone who already has a big body of work and experience. That said, I am always excited at finding new talent. Please post any samples below, but these must be restricted to one sequential page here or they will be deleted so it doesn’t take forever to look through them and ask to see more pages from the ones most promising.

Best of luck!



Here is a link to Mark’s page where you can post samples:

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