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PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: 451 Media’s – Sunflower #5

by Manny Popoca
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Writers Andi Ewington and Mark Mallouk take readers into a psychological nightmare scenario. After our heroine CJ has fought for her survival, she is now at the mercy of this mysterious forest. This issue takes us on a tale filled with symbolism and gut-wrenching confrontations with her demons. This has to be her hardest spiritual journey yet, but CJ has never given up hope that her lost daughter Sunflower is out there and that she is still alive. But CJ’s current situation find her in other people’s hands.

Will CJ ever find her daughter? Is CJ even going to survive the events of last issue’s shocker? If you have not given Sunflower from 451 Media a read, this is a fantastic jumping on point; a series about personal loss, suffering and an introspective journey of oneself. Spectacular elements of horror are also continuing to manifest themselves in this fantastic series.

PopCultHQ rating: 4 out of 5


Artwork is once again very complimentary to the mood and setting. In this issue artist Lee Carter really got to play with many striking visuals with some great suspenseful storytelling.

A gorgeous moment graces this month’s cover and makes Sunflower #5 a standout issue.

Sunflower #5


Official Synopsis:

After the shocking violence at the conclusion of our fourth issue, CJ wanders alone in no man’s land of the desert hell she’s trapped, battered and beaten, searching for the commune – and the daughter – she knows is there. Falling in and out of consciousness. CJ begins to realize Rush Bridge is not the only evil she must confront. Here, in the secret-riddled forest, CJ confronts the darkness that lives inside each of us, viciously grasping for any souls willing to let it in. Is there anywhere left for CJ to run when you’re running from yourself?

Preview pages:

451 MediaWritten by:
Andi Ewington & Mark Mallouk
Adaptation by:
Andi Ewington
Art by:
Lee Carter
Lettered by:
Eugenio Perez Jr.
Edited by:
David Forrest & Marc Peruggia

451 Interactive Publishing redraws the boundaries of what comic book storytelling can be. By combining Touchcode technology with the visionary talents of today’s top screenwriters, best selling authors, and the comic industry’s leading artists we have created a first of it’s kind interactive experience. By creating characters and worlds so large they break through the confines of the panel and page we are captivating and engaging readers with a fresh and entirely unique experience.

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