PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: “Worst Day Ever” #1 by Tenacious Comics

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Worst Day Ever! Going to work dressed as a hotdog… Nope. Going to work dressed as a hotdog during the ZOMBIE apocalypse.

PopCultHQ received a preview copy of Worst Day Ever #1 from Tenacious Comics. Available October 19, the creative team for this new series features writing from Westley Schomer, artist/letterer Luke Stone, and colorist Patrik Mock.

It’s the zombie apocalypse, but for the main protagonist of the story Charlie, rent is still due and bills still need to be paid. Worst Day Ever tells the tale of Charlie and his attempt to pull himself out of his spiral of bad luck during the not so apocalyptic zombie outbreak.

Here is PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of Worst Day Ever #1…


PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: Worst Day Ever #1

W2A leprosy-based super virus has plagued the world turning those infected into zombies. Each day is a struggle, fighting to survive. And not just the outbreak. For Charlie, it’s rent, bills, and the like that he The struggle is real.

The world is a different place since the viral epidemic. It’s now a world where the living are forced to carry weapons wherever they go (a walk, the coffee shop, work, etc.).

A world where those not infected and those which have turned into zombies practically coexist. Sure there are the ones you either kill or be killed, but some simply lull about in a daze.

Slackjaws are the individuals who are in the early stages of the virus’ transformation where it starts out slow and turns people into mindless, decaying shells of their former selves. A Rager is one that has gone Full-On Zombie Mode (yes, I’m watching iZombie on Netflix right now).

We are introduced to a few supporting characters that are a part of Charlie’s everyday life. There’s Julie the Barista. The woman working at The Grind on Vine is the person Charlie always has to stop and see. Even if he isn’t thirsty. Then there’s Bob, Charlie’s boss and owner of Bob’s Big Dogs. He pushes Charlie hard and is always on his case. But he shows a glimpse of a softer side… of course that’s when Charlie tells him he’ll make up him being five minutes late with ten minutes of work after his shift. We also meet Hillbilly. Charlie’s friend and zombie survivalist. He harps on Charlie for being weak, but comes across as having a soft spot for the guy.

Just as those who are fans of The Walking Dead have witnessed those uninfected finding ways to survive, or finding new untapped buildings to hide out or rummage through, so too we see this with Charlie and his hunting buddy Hillbilly. With this outbreak somewhat relatively recent, Charlie still harbors some trepidation as to going through other people’s residences and belongings.

W6But what appeared to be a vacant building and a posh penthouse to pillage, was actually inhabited and the duo is met by the current “occupants.” After both sides do their best to puff themselves up and play a game of “Whose is bigger,” all of these survivors are startled upon hearing loud, disturbing sounds. They are not alone.

Westley Schomer’s story of a single guy trying to survive the everyday grind amidst a zombie outbreak is somewhat of a departure from the norm I wasn’t expecting for a zombie comic book. One of the aspects of the comic I enjoy is the dashes of humor spread throughout the book. It gives the story and the characters life. Often when people read a zombie comic or watch a zombie movie or tv show, it’s easy to sit back and say, “Why would they do that? IS he really going to try that? These people are idiots! Don’t go in there!” With Worst Day Ever!, what you get is the realism of what could potentially happen and the genuine responses people would likely give.

W7Also, something that sets this apart from anything else out there is that people don’t instantaneously turn into ravaging, flesh-eating undead. It’s a gradual process. Seeing the lead characters acting almost nonchalant around Slackjaws, and just accepting their presence and casually moving along, is refreshing in a zombie story. There’s not always an immediate threat and the need to constantly be on the run. For a premiere issue, Schomer has produced a captivating story and done a great job in delivering the right amount of narrative, intriguing storyline, and cast of characters you want to follow and root for.

Artist Luke Stone instills the survivalist feel Schomer is trying to convey in the roughness of the characters, the gritty, dirty feel of people adapting to a zombie-filled world, and does a fantastic job at accentuating each person giving them character and uniqueness.

The colors Patrik Mock employs have a nice feel to them. He does a superb job with his highlights and accents, plus his blending give the characters good dimension. The artistic pairing of Stone and Mock adds to the stellar writing by Schomer.

I can see issue two developing these characters further, explore the possibilities with these newcomers, and perhaps something may develop with Julie. We can only hope for Charlie’s sake.

Oh, and mad props for the homage to Clerks. That’s what I’m talking about!

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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You can pre-order Worst Day Ever! #1 now from Tenacious Comics’ quick order page. You can choose from one of three covers: The Original (as seen above), the Will Torres variant, or a Sketch Cover.

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