Devil’s Due Teams With Dirk Manning To Publish “Nightmare World” & “Love Stories to Die For”

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Devil’s Due Entertainment, publisher of such titles as Squarriors, Mercy Sparx, and Operation Nemesis, is strengthening their relationship with Dirk Manning, writer of the Devil’s Due published title Tales of Mr. Rhee. Manning, who currently is conducting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Tales of Mr. Rhee, Vol. 3 hardcover being produced, talks about how partnering with Devil’s Due to publish some of his previous horror work made perfect sense.

PrintWhen it came time to double-down on taking all my digital comics to print in some nice, definitive bookshelf worthy collections, Devil’s Due quickly emerged as the publisher who best matches my own approach to creating comics,” Manning stated. “My goal is to release great comics that are different from anything else out there, engage with readers online and through the convention circuit, and use Kickstarter to offer deluxe editions of my books in a way that won’t compete with our supporters in comic shops and the direct market. When I talked to Devil’s Due about my plan, they not only liked it, but also embraced it.”

Dirk Manning is best known as the writer/creator of comic series such as Tales of Mr. Rhee (Devil’s Due) and Nightmare World (Image Comics/Shadowline), as well as the author of the ongoing inspirational column/book collection Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics (Caliber/Bleeding Cool). Oh, and Cthulhu is his homeboy, in case you didn’t know.

Later this year, Devil’s Due will be releasing Manning’s Nightmare World and Love Stories to Die For. If you aren’t familiar with either title, here’s a look at the first volume of Nightmare World and the premiere issue of Love Stories to Die For.

DM Nightmare World


Nightmare World

Psychological horror in the vein of The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt! In this first “Definitive” Collection of stories from the acclaimed online comic series, we delve into a world of ghostly lovers, demonic abductors, vengeful victims, and sexy Cthulhu priestesses as these loosely connected stories weave an epic tale of a world not unlike our own where nothing is what it seems. Welcome to Nightmare World! Written by “Write Or Wrong” Newsarama columnist Dirk Manning, featuring remastered art, extras, and a new in-continuity prose story.


DM Love Stories


Love Stories to Die For

Two full-length stories in one double-length flip book! First, a desperate monk pits a band of savage Vikings against a pack of rabid vampires in a frantic attempt to protect an exceptionally precious child. In the second story, a woman trapped on a space station overrun by aliens must chose whether to save the second seat on her two-person escape pod for her aloof but heroic husband or for her passionate, forbidden lover.



Josh Blaylock, founder of Devil’s Due, detailed the publisher’s relationship with Manning and just exactly why they are on board with more from the horror writer.

Dirk Manning is a force of nature in the underground comic book world, and I don’t know how much longer that world can contain him,” Devil’s Due founder Josh Blaylock added. “For someone who writes such disturbing subject matter, you’ll never see anyone with such a close relationship to their readership (a fanbase that is rapidly growing), and that’s only part of the reason Devil’s Due is taking another step into doing even more with him. We look forward to helping him spread his horror noir across the globe like giant Lovecraftian tentacles.”


Tales of Mr. Rhee: Vol. 3 will be released in September.  Nightmare World: Vol. 4 and the hardcover omnibus collection comes out in October.  As of now, a release date hasn’t been provided for Love Stories to Die For.

Be sure to check out Dirk Manning’s website for updates and more!

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