The Best Of Last Night On CONAN: “Weird Al” Yankovic & Kate Micucci

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PopCultHQ gives you all the best videos from last night on Conan O’Brien. Here’s what you missed…

Conan jokes about Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, the Rolling Stones, and more…

Are you tired of the high cost of high school dances? Let our insanely cheap propmaster show you how to pinch your prom pennies.

Jordan Schlansky is so enamored of his eFx Darth Vader replica mask that he doesn’t even want to take it out of the box, which hurts Conan’s feelings.

“Weird Al” Yankovic: Meeting Michael Jackson was like an alien encounter and Paul McCartney turned down Al’s “Live and Let Die” parody “Chicken Pot Pie” on strict moral grounds.

Both Andy & Al’s daughters are learning to play the accordion, so you know they’re in the cool clique in school.

Kate was just sunning herself sans top on her rooftop when a very judgmental LAPD helicopter came by.

Kate has to explain to poor Conan & Al exactly what the “God Loophole” means.

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