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Brought to you from American Gothic Press, comes the newest independent comic smash hit, KILLBOX! Written Tom Riordan and art by Nathan Gooden, it is a tale of, secretly broadcasting the brutal entertainment of watching human hunt human to the elite. The more elite you are and willing to pay for it, you get to see the most graphic content. A game of assassins vs one another, all for the prize of money or just simply quenching a blood thirst. Either way, the contestants of the KILLBOX are all put into an arena of precise size and location. Often these locations can just be right smack dab in the middle of a busy metropolitan city.

The rules are simple but yet complicated. Complicated in that you have certain days to use specific weapons, that can either be your specialty or useless to you. Killing bystanders is not against the rules, but it can be frowned upon if it has impeded with the game in any way vital way. And simple, with the fact hand to hand combat is always very welcomed.

PopCultHQ Rating 4.5 out of 5

PCHQ 4.5

KILLBOX is a very quick paced take on the ultimate game of cat and mouse, only the mouse is just as deadly as the cat, if not more so. The plot is great, I love it and the main character is a man with a strong reason to be involved with this madness. The action is a GO right from the start and doesn’t slow down much. The artwork is just as moody and gritty as the writing, a perfect combination. KILLBOX is a strong, good read and it was only .99 cents (ComiXology digital copy) for the premiere issue!!

I can’t wait to see where this will all lead.


KILLBOX, American Gothic Press’s brutal new independent series by Tom Riordan and Nathan Gooden, ships to comic shops this Wednesday, April 27! It’s a reality competition bathed in blood as bartender Timothy Choir attempts to be the last man standing in order to win money for his dying son. But there are odds against him calculated using the most diabolical methods imaginable, and it may not be in everyone’s best interests for him to survive.


This #1 issue opens the door to the wider, completely insane world of KILLBOX, where the most vivid of underground entertainment comes with a price, and there are always people desperate enough to pay it. “[The killbox] is not broadcast on television, and the vast majority of the inhabitants of this near-future are completely unaware of its existence.

“In fact, great pains are gone through to ensure its secrecy,” says first-time writer Riordan. “It’s not a spectacle; it’s gritty, dark, forbidden, and hidden.”

Preview pages:

KILLBOX #1, with blistering art by DEADEYE artist Nathan Gooden. Advance reorders of the first issue are available using Diamond Code FEB161075.

About Book

Page Count: 22 Pages

Age Rating: 12+ Only

Sold by: comiXology, comic shops,

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