“Startup” #1.2 – The 300-lb. Single Mom by Day, 300-mph Superhero by Night, Available for 99¢ on ComiXology

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Just announced, Sitcomics, the indie publisher which creates “TV you can read,” is debuting the second issue to 2015’s surprise hit “Startup.” Issue 1.2, which is available for digital download beginning today on comiXology for only $1.99 99¢!

Here’s all the details on this fun series from the up-and-coming publisher…



S1At the end of 2015, Sitcomics introduced comic book fans to the newest star in our galaxy of heroes with the release of Startup #1.1. Now the thrilling adventures of Startup continue as she sees action in costume for the first — and possibly last — time! Sitcom writer Darin Henry (Seinfeld, KC Undercover) joins forces with artist extraordinaire Craig Rousseau (Batman Beyond, Harley Quinn) to reinvent the super hero genre in STARTUP™, an all-new digital-first comic book series from Sitcomics™!

Featuring spectacular cover art by the legendary Sal Buscema (Spider-Man, Captain America), Startup #1.2 continues the story of Renee Garcia-Gibson, 300 pound single mom by day, 300 mile-per-hour super-hero by night! It’s a high-octane, family-friendly thrill ride but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the following excerpt from a review that appeared on Comicbastards.com:

The writing treats (Renee) like a normal person, to the point that you don’t think about her being 300 lbs. …I liked that you really could give this to a kid to read and enjoy, but myself as an adult also enjoyed it. It had a classic feel to it with both the story and art, but not a dated look. It was modern and resembled the world we live in. (Craig Rousseau’s) art was really impressive and did a great job of bringing the story to life.” — Comic Bastards.com Review of Startup™ #1.1


LSThe reaction to Startup #1.1 has been incredibly positive and it received 100% five star reviews on ComiXology,” says creator Darin Henry, who currently writes and co-executive produces The Disney Channel’s hit sitcom, KC Undercover. “In part 2 of this 3-part origin arc, Startup will see her greatest dream come true, as well as her worst nightmare. Even without her powers, Renee is a compelling and extremely relatable character who perfectly embodies Sitcomics’ goal to create all-new, 21st century characters for 21st century readers.”

Colorist Glenn Whitmore and letterer Marshall Dillon round out the creative team for Startup #1.2 which, at 30 pages for only $1.99, delivers a satisfying story as well as an affordable introduction to Sitcomics’™ exciting line of 2016 titles.



Startup™ #1.2 goes on sale for only $1.99 from Wednesday, April 20th at comixology.com

And for a limited time, the digital download of Startup #1.1 is available on ComiXology for only .99 cents!

The digital release of Startup #1.2 can also be purchased on Amazon.com’s kindle store here

A 64 page Binge Book edition including all three chapters of the origin arc will receive a very limited print release in June 2016.

About Startup: When news footage showing her humiliating rescue by a super-hero goes viral, 300 pound single mom Renee Garcia-Gibson agrees to try an experimental diet drug. But the ability to drastically reduce her own mass comes with an unexpected side-effect: it gives Renee super-speed!

Sitcomics logoAbout Sitcomics: Mixing over 20 years of experience writing sitcoms with his life-long love of comic books, veteran TV writer Darin Henry created Sitcomics to give comic book-friendly genres a sitcom twist in stories that are fun, exciting and accessible. So grab your favorite beverage, plop down in that recliner and crack open a cool, refreshing Sitcomic – it’s TV you read!!!

More information is available at www.sitcomics.net and www.facebook.com/Sitcomics

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