Robyn Hood, The Most Badass Archer In The Grimm Universe, Is Back This June!

Just announced today, Zenescope Entertainment talks about the upcoming plans for their badass archer Robyn Hood. With the departure of writer Pat Shand (Hellchild, Grimm Fairy Tales: Arcane Acre), a new creative team will be taking the helm this summer in an all-new mega mini-series (would that be maxi-series) with 12 forthcoming issues of Robyn Locksley headed to New York City!

The official release from Zenescope from 4/20/16:

What’s Next For Zenescope’s Robyn Hood?

After four years, long-time writer Pat Shand is finishing his run on Robyn Hood with a special issue: Robyn Hood 2016 Annual, celebrating Robyn Locksley, Marian Quin, and all of the friends and foes that have joined them on this journey. Scheduled for release in late May 2016, Larry Watts, original artist of the Robyn Hood trilogy, returns for this final tale that cuts to the core of what Robyn has gone through, what she is, and what’s next for her.

RH1Following the Robyn Hood 2016 Annual, a new creative team consisting of:

Writer – Lou Iovino (Red Agent),
Artist – David Lorenzo Riveiro (Grimm Fairy Tales, Oz: No Place Like Home), and
Colorist – Grostieta (Red Agent, Oz, Grimm Fairy Tales)

This team will usher in a new chapter in the life of everyone’s favorite female archer with Robyn Hood: I Love NY #1 (to be released June 2016). And will include cover art from David Lorenzo Riveiro, Jarreau Wimberly, David Nakayama, Mike Mahle, Richard Ortiz, and many more!

In the first issue of this twelve part mini-series, Robyn is on her own for the first time in years, going back to what she knows and loves… taking cases that pay little and make her life a living hell! New villains… new adventures… and a new creative team bring you this can’t miss new series that will show Robyn as you’ve never seen her before.


Robyn Hood: I Love NY #1 (of 12)


She’s back! On her own for the first time in years, Robyn goes back to doing what she does best: taking cases that no one else wants, even if they make her life a living hell! New villains and new adventures await in this can’t-miss new series that will bring you Robyn as you’ve never seen her before. In stores June 15th, 2016.

Covers available:





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