PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review – “Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah” #1 by Aspen Comics/Big Dog Ink (Out 4/20/16)

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PopCultHQ received an advance copy of Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #1 by Aspen ComicsBig Dog Ink imprint which arrives in stores this Wednesday, April 20th. The creative team for this new series features writing from Rob Anderson, interior artist Renato Rei, and colorist Ceci de la Cruz.

Here is PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #1

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #1:

Welcome to the Legends of Oz! In the world of Oz, legends come in all shapes and sizes…

Big Dog Ink begun its various Legends of Oz series back in 2011 with Legend of Oz: The Wicked West, which spanned three volumes.  They also released Legends of Oz: Scarecrow and Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Since being acquired by Aspen Comics in 2015, Big Dog Ink has continued their success by debuting Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah #1, though this time as Aspen’s imprint.

TT2Their latest offering transports us to a time where The Land of Oz and the Wild Wild West have intertwined to deliver a fresh and unusual environment. This fun take on both settings is entertaining and gratifying. Tik-Tok, being a robotic entity, finds he is unwinding more frequently but thankfully his tiger companion Kalidah can keep him wound up. The two travel the land in search of a precious object, while encountering the local Western townfolk, a sand serpent straight out of Dune, all while on the run from the Wicked Witch’s dreaded and vile flying monkey henchmen.

I simply love the mashup of The Wizard of Oz and the Wild West. It is a weird, but beautifully made, dichotomy of the Oz-verse and Western times. Writer Robert Anderson does an exceptional job and taking these two worlds and creating a special blend of days of the cowboys and the fantasy realm of Oz and its inhabitants. For a premiere comic book issue, Anderson has given the reader a number of things to be excited about and instills a yearning to find out where he is taking this adventure.

TT3Artist Renato Rei gives Tik-Tok, clockwork friend, a look like that of a love child between the Tin Man and a Steampunk convention. Each panel drawn by Rei is very meticulous and his attention to detail, and not skimp, is first-rate. Renato also gave a sense of wickedness in the “flying monkeys” that appear more intimidating, menacing and threatening than any version of The Wizard of Oz ever established. His strong and commanding artwork, with the assist given to mega-talented colorist Ceci de la Cruz, highlights and emphasizes Anderson’s story. De la Cruz does a magnificent job with her duties in the book; I found her work in the background of each panel, though muted to elicit distance, shows veteran talent. The softening of the surrounding scenery not only gives the panels depth, but also helps make objects or characters in the forefront prominent. This creative trio has found a formula that works and its only the first issue!

I anticipate the release of issue two to see how Tik Tok, Kalidah and this mysterious female evolve and grow as characters, to learn the mysteries of this magical compass, and find out just what exactly is embedded within the young girl and why there is such a demand to locate it that a reward has been placed for its retrieval.

PopCultHQ’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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The first new 2016 offering of Aspen’s Big Dog Ink imprint has arrived! Tik Tok makes his triumphant debut in the Wicked West, as he and his partner track a mysterious young girl who carries a secret that Oz itself cannot do without! Featuring an all original story, don’t miss out on Aspen’s newest BDI launch title with the premiere of LEGENDS OF OZ: TIK TOK AND THE KALIDAH #1!

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