The Titanic Sinks Again, 104 Years Later

104 years ago the RMS Titanic sank and in honor of this history making event there were a few things going on.

Titanic: Honor and Glory recreated the whole event using an Unreal Engine 4 and have plans for a ‘game’ which is in development for a full digital tour of the original Titanic.

To get an idea of the quality and detail they have planned, check out the video they release last night. They had a live three hour podcast with a full-length recreation of the cruise. But if you really just want to see it sink then jump over to 1:06 in the video to witness the iceberg collision.

This is our full-length animation of the Titanic sinking, beginning with the iceberg collision and ending with its disappearance. The point of collision is at 1:06 in the video.

This is a complete animation; not a short animation that was slowed down to match real time. This is also highly accurate, though we have already documented improvements we plan to make for the final game.

The animation includes text frequently appearing with what is happening on board the ship. This also includes visuals of various interior rooms flooding, lifeboats launching, rockets firing, and the Californian on the horizon.

This animation is, however, a bit rough around the edges. Some details, like guy wires and boat falls, are not rendered, and a few other things might appear glitchy, incomplete, or animations a little bumpy. In order to release this video in time for the 2016 anniversary (April 14/15), we needed to hastily render this. It’s not easy working with a nearly 3 hour video file! Also, this video may only be in 360p in the hours immediately after upload. Please give Youtube time po process it. Hopefully it’ll be available up to 720p by the night of the 14th.

The animation was created in Unreal Engine 4. The exterior model used is not our final model, but an older model created by one of our team members.

The other interesting ‘celebration’ (and I use that term loosely for such a tragedy) was a series of live tweets put out by Real time History. They did a wonderful job recreating it.

titanic 5

Be sure to check out their Twitter page to see the full event. Or their awesome blog on interesting tidbits of history